Random Week

Nothing much happened during the week.
Same old things, studying, going back to hall after class.
Then school again. :)
Anyway, we had a test on Thurs…
So we were studying on Wed!

New files we bought! (:

We went back to the hall on Thursday morning after the test to take a quick nap.
And here’s how the dorm looks in the afternoon!


Waiting for the school bus.
That’s Feng Meng btw :)
She’s from NUS!

As we were still early, Evie and me decided to alight somewhere near school.
Take a slow stroll to school while looking for the place which sells cheap icecream!

Funny bananas!

The back gate of school.

We were still early for Korean class so we decided to play the Young Chang piano at the lobby of the school.

Paiseh, my playing skills very lousy. :P

The school lobby.

The school lift!

Thought we were late cos we couldn’t find the classroom.
Turned out that we were early!
And the teacher wasn’t here yet.

Took some photos while waiting for her!

Anyway, after Korean language class, we had a Welcome Party!
Really nice of them :)

The food!

Jennifer and Ying Zhen!

Me, Evie and Kyle

Bryan and Jiang Yuan, the tallies.


Our course coordinator, Mr Lee

The guys

Evie, Me, Ying Zhen, Jennifer, Jieyin and Feng Meng

Jieyin, Jennifer and Jieyin’s buddy

So where’s my buddy?

Here he is. :)
He’s called Soon Chan Park :)

Rakib, the dormitory preseident.
He’s really nice to us, always helping us with our dorm stuff…
And every other enquiries we have!

Random guy..


Bryan, “President” of ISP :)

The real president of ICU!

All the ISP students!

Giving an intro about myself..

In front of so many people!

The ICU president and professor!

Their hp.. look at the fonts! Super cute!

Evie’s parter! In-Ho :)

With the other more dedicated buddies!
Emma and… I can’t rmb his name!

Kyle, Han and Evie

Wuxian and Feng Meng..
Wuxian is from China but was born in Korean..
So he’s like our translator.. :P
Btw, he’s not from NUS!
He’s from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

Kyle and Evie!


Evie, who got red after tasting their beer.
So wierd, they provided beer at school functions…
I tried a bit of it, and its actually quite mild.
I think tiger beer’s much thicker.

Jieyin and the beer.

Evie again.

That’s all for the Welcome Party :)
Went back after a quick dinner…
Met with the rest later at night to discuss our itinerary for Seoul.
Then off we went back to wash clothes and pack for Seoul!
So excited!
It’s the World IT Show and Nanta Performance tomorrow!

Some videos from previous entries!


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