First Day of School

Our first day at lesson.
Woke up early at 730am, that’s 630am back in SG.
So dead tired!
Being the first lesson, the lecturer was rather lax on us.
But it wasn’t really nice as we got arrow-ed at the moment he started teaching.

For example, he asked, while staring at us “Is there anyone from SINGAPORE here?”

It was not very easy to understand his English…
Hai, I feel a little lost actually.
But its ok, I guess I will be getting the textbook.
So that I can do more reading on that.

The classroom!

The first lesson was… only an hour and 15mins as he was rushing somewhere else.
So we had the whole day to ourselves.

Thought this photo look quite funny.
Jiang Yuan the giant and Evie the dwarf.

This was the bag Evie got from Seoul.
Really worth the price.

More photos of the school.

Made our way back to the dorm to put our things before heading out again to check Daejeon out further.
And to find a bookshop around the area.

And we decided to eat in dormitory as well. (:
Worth it, but not really very appetizing.

Our shuttle bus.

Attire for the day!

Checked out the cinema that Ying Zhen, Jennifer and Jieyin told us about the other day.
It was reasonable, and I guess I might catch one movie to get a feel of Korean cinema!

Btw, there are many many water dispensers around and its free!
So water is rather foc here.
Actually, it is to discourage people from buying mineral water if I’m not wrong.

Passed by a hairdresser…
Went up to check the prices..
Not very expensive either!

Evie finally found a place to pierce his ears.
The ones in Singapore were very expensive for guys, so he decided to do it in Daejeon.

In the jewellery shop!
Btw, their way of piercing ears are quite wierd.
I remember Mommy having to hold my hands when they did the shooting gun thing.
And I cried like mad.
But this was rather amazing.
He just placed some funny cream on the ear stud and.. he just forced his way through Evie’s ears.
I think Evie didnt even feel any pain!
I even video-ed it down.
Really.. astonishing.
Cool, no blood nothing.
I’m still wondering how they did it!

Can you spot the difference?

Here, have a closer look.

Found a 1000won shop.
Something like our $1 shop in Singapore!
Things are dirt cheap, got quite a few things like toilet paper and stuff.

Cookie Friends!

The super duper cheap notebook shop.
The same one in Singapore sells a notebook at $36, and it was more than 80% off here!

We spotted a guy on the motorcycle with an antenna on his helmet!

On the streets.

Really hungry and so we got some buns.


Bought some more stuff too! (:
Just preparing some pressies in case we need to give anyone.

It’s really humid in Daejeon!

Notebook from Evie!

We didn’t spend too much time out as we were meeting the rest for dinner.
Headed to the rear gate of the school for more food.

This auntie sells really nice homemade donuts!
Really delicious!

The market street!

Decided to settle down in a Traditional Korean Porridge shop!

Our new friend Kasper from Amsterdam, Holland.
He has a web application company of his own!
And even had 8000pounds sponsored from his customer just to come for ISP!
Lucky fella!

That’s all!
It’s Korean Language tmr! Excited!


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