Day 3 in Seoul

Left the youth hostel early morning (:
So that we can meet Bryan’s Korean family.

With the pretty Japanese family who owns this youth hostel (:
OH and before I forget, this was the Hang-ten shirt I got from Seoul.. :)
The hang-ten in Korea is much nicer than those back in SG.
It’s more stylish, quality’s better, but the price’s about the same!

Eujiro-4 Subway station.
Heading to Bryan’s Korean family house!

The house is like our HDB flat back in Singapore.
But it had logos like Samsung and LG printed on them.
It was pretty cozy as it was quite small.
But yet unpleasant as there were alot of people crowding in the house.
Wanted to take some photos but they kinda requested us not to.
They did not put it explicitly, but I could sense they were pretty reluctant.
Anyhow, quite a pity :(
They were really nice people!

Stayed for a while before leaving at around 11 so as to buy a sitting ticket.
Yeah, after that horrible 1hr20mins of standing..
I’m so not gonna try that again.
After buying the 12.53pm train ticket..
We settled down in Dunkin’ Donuts for a quick meal.

The view at Seoul station.

As we still had alot of time, we went walking around in the supermarket again.

They sold animals in supermarkets!
And rabbits only cost 15,000won here!

There were alot of problems here and there.
We told them clearly, and pointed at the screen that we wanted the 12:53pm train.
But they gave us the 12.05pm train.
And we didn’t know till when we were heading into the station at 12:40pm when we realised it was already outdated.
Then we went to look for the person who sold the tickets to us.
And he wanted us to pay a penalty of 42000won.
Which was crazy as we did clearly state that we wanted the later timing.
So.. off we went to Tourist Information Counter…
Ok and after much… well negotiation, they paid for the penalty and off we went into the 1.30pm train.
But we were all split up in different cabins :(

Anyhow, at least we were on our way back to Daejeon.

Doesn’t this look like a little country house?
It’s actually a station!

Anyhow, we were too hungry and settled down in some sushi place for some food.
6500won for sushi plus udon, corn and yakult!
Super nice (:

Evie bought a wishbone.
We were cooking dinner tonight!
The guys wanted to hang around Daejeon Station, but Evie and me were very tired…
So we headed back to E-Mart to get some food.

On Daejeon’s subway for the first time.
All the while, we have been travelling by cab or bus..
Didn’t wanna lose our way in Daejeon..
And basically that was the only two transport that our coordinator introduced to us.

The cute little chips!
They were train tickets!

Ok, off to EMART!
School starts tomorrow! :)


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