Day 2 in Seoul

Woke up early in the morning.
But there were a lot of miscommunication.
Ended up, we were on our own while the guys went with
Bryan’s Korean family around Seoul.
Apparently, they were staying at the end of Seoul…
And the car could only fit up to 6 people including their family.
Oh well, it’s ok.
We will join them tomorrow (:
Anyhow, sparing no more time, off we went to Namdaemun!

Taken outside the youth hostel.

Taken in the subway station.

Out of the station and we were in a rather expensive shopping centre.
Something close to Paragon’s standard.
Got out of it pretty quickly.

Haha. :P His dream car?

On our way to Namdaemun.

Not a very nice place to shop.
Nothing nice, and it feels like they are out to con us.
Just because we can’t speak Korean.

More shades. :)

On the street!

Presenting the King and Queen of Korea!

In the party shop.
Bought the red specs.
Found it really cute, anyway, it cost only 3000won!

The cute little figurines shop.

Sweet shop!

It was rather difficult finding a place to eat…
Where the food wasn’t too spicy.
And was filling enough…
And most imptly, edible.
So we settled down in Lotteria, a fast-food restaurant in Korea.

In Daiso!

Well, walked around somemore and found the Bank of Korea museum.
It was free admission!
And we learnt quite a bit about the history of Korean money.
But a pity was that they did not allow photography in the museum.
So we could only make do with one outside.

Went exploring a bit.
And found a street that sells stuff cheaper than anywhere else in Korea.
There were alot of locals shopping there too. :D

Edible food.

The tall icecream that cost 1000won!

Souvenirs shop! (:

On the street!

Geeky us!

In another shop that sells shades.

Guess what we found.
I didn’t know Korea has that…


Did not hesitate bringing Evie in.

The process of making the Sugar-coated donut!

Anyway, everyone who walks in get a free one, no matter what you buy.
It was hot out from the oven as well.
I bought the wrong one the other time at HK and this time round.. it really tastes really nice!

Yummy donuts!!
Cost about 5000won in total. :D

Walked around for a while more and there was Falungong stuff going on.
There were exhibits of blood and all.
Quite gory.
And disgusting.

Outside the Lotte Young Plaza.
Hmm, the things there were even more costly.
Actually, it is rather impossible to do shopping in Korea shopping centres.
Too expensive and not worth it at all.

Nice marketing gimmicks.

On the streets again!

I found Huhu’s friend!

Got rather hungry and settled down in a Korean Hotplate store!

It was ok, but the sausages kinda spoilt it all.
Super salty and not nice too.

Guess what we bought in the end.
Hangten and Uni Glo.
The cheapest stuff around and… the more trendy ones.
Uni Glo was like HK’s H&M!
My top only cost 7400won!
That’s like $10. :D

Evie and his new tie.

Do I look like I’m holding her hands?
Anyway, this was the entrance to a very adorable jewellery shop.

Evie found his cute little teddy bear!


Well, walked down to Myeong-Dong as we were heading to the Seoul Tower.
But ended up…
There was even more shopping to do here.
But but.. no time..
So we will be heading back there again with everyone else from the ISP next weekend.
Since we will be having free transport there as the school was bringing us to Seoul for the World IT Show plus other various things.
Oh and Artbox here seems a whole lot more sucky.


Oh and after listening to some Ang Moh tourists that it was 500m away..
We decided to walk all the way up.
Gave up halfway cos it was really dark and steep.
And it wasn’t 500m, it was 5km more. ZZZ

A pity.

But we still took some pictures at the cable tower up to the Seoul Tower..
It was like a little consolation.
Guess we will join the rest the next time round.
Since we did not bring sufficient money…
It costs 14,000won for a trip up via cable car, and in the observatory tower.

So we just settled down somewhere and I gave him a little bday surprise.


Headed back.

At the lobby of the youth hostel.
Looks really clean isn’t it?
It only costs 20000won per night!
The cheapest accomodation.

Evie’s room.
Haha, I think only he can fit through a door so small like this.


This was taken by Evie in his room.
My camera was kidnapped by him.
Anyway, so tired, but it was definitely a trip worth spent.
The amount of exploring we done with a map.
The communication we had with the locals like how a duck would speak to a chicken.
And the different cultural food we tried.
It was really an eye-opener!
Gonna meet the Korean family tomorrow!
Hope they are nice!


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