Day 1 in Seoul

Left for Seoul with Evie and people.
But as it was a Friday, there were many people going back to Seoul.
And most of the trains were packed to the brim.
Hence we had to split into two groups.
We left first while the rest were taking the later train.

At the Daejeon Station.. which costs us $9000 won by cab.

The nice guide who brought us to the KTX area when we were lost.

At the KTX Ticketing Area.

Along the tracks.

Our train!
The Mungahwa!

On the train finally.
Btw, we stood for almost 1hr20mins as we did not manage to get sitting tickets.
Our legs almost gave way.
It was terrible :(

Now check out the bliss on our face when we finally got to sit down.

On the way there (:

And after a torturing 1hr50mins journey..

Yay in seoul!

In the station :)

Wow, a cute little teddy bear.

The first sight of Seoul.

The rest were staying at Bryan’s friend’s house and as there weren’t enough space.
On our way to the youth hostel.
Cute train tickets aren’t it?

They can even sell things in the subway station!

On the train, and had to transfer at City Hall.
Did I mention that there are no escalators at all?
So there was so much climbing up and down to do just for a single transfer.
It can get rather frustrating after a while.

At the Eujiro-4 station!

Looking for the way to the youth hostel.

Out of the subway!
Experiencing Seoul (:

We didn’t stay much longer in the motel.
Since it was already close to 9pm.
Wanted to experience Seoul shopping before the day was wasted.

The way to Dongdaemun!

Looking around for food while making our way by foot to Dongdaemun!
The so-called shopping area.

The direction-er.

In Dongdaemun.
Quite disappointing cos the prices aren’t exactly dirt cheap.
In fact some stuff in SG Bugis Street much cheaper!

Evie and the cap!



More people!

Btw, this is like the trend in Korea and USA now!

In the shopping centre.
Shopped till about 1140pm.

Actually, I didn’t quite like the way they were selling the doggies.
It made it seemed as though they were really cheap as dirt. ZZZ


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