Short Introduction of Korea and Hot Springs

So… are you wondering about what we have been eating?
Obviously, KIMCHI!

And well, this is our so-called canteen food.
It’s not that bad actually..
Sometimes I feel that food outside taste worse than those in school.
But it can be really spicy..

Jiang Yuan!


And here’s Information and Communications University.
Very pretty and futuristic school (:
And I’m sure just by looking at the photos, you can tell that Korea is a really neat and clean place.

And this was taken with me sitting at the grass area near the bus stop..
Which is where we wait for the bus that brings us back to our hostel.
Anyway, its nice having areas like that…
How come NUS never has such areas for us to sit down and chill out?
No wonder people back in SG are always so stressed out.

The only sad thing here is the bus takes an hour…
The interval can go up to 1 hour 30 minutes sometimes..
And our hostel is so inaccessible that it gets pretty frustrating if we wanna get out.

Oh, and this is how our dorm looks like..
Or rather, Evie’s dorm…

After settling down in the dorm, we decided to go out for some… Hot Springs.
Passed back this free area…
So we decided to soak for a while.

The atmosphere’s really great!


Evie met some Korean girls and decided to take some photos with them!

Me in the foot spring!

Jun Hong..

Evie washing his feet before getting into the pool.

Having great comfort after walking like few km!
Nice and warm water!

It was really hot, so we were wearing our caps (:

And having fun with shadows too!



Went into Hotel Spa Pia..
And wow, the hot spring’s really cheap.
About $6 SGD? (:
But, first time in my life, I saw so many naked women, fat and thin, old and young..
Crowding in a room.
As the guys were separated from the ladies, I was alone, and it felt rather scary.. :(
Oh and.. I was quite shy, so I was covering myself with the pathetic towel given :(
But then again, quite an experience!

After the hot spring…
We went to this Korean Restaurant where we had Puffer Fish soup! (:
Really delicious, but actually it tastes the same as any other fish.
Cost us 10,000won!
But well, that’s the general price of food here.
So can’t be helped :(

The guys…

In the restaurant!
It was the sitting form again :(
Don’t really like it cos when we finish our meals, we tend to have leg cramps. Lol.

And after many gestures and pointing at guide books..
They finally got an idea of what we wanted…
But they were really nice, they compensated by giving us about 10 different types of kimchi.

I’m quite scared of Kim Chi by now actually.

The Spicy Puffer Fish soup..
Which I didn’t have..
Mine was plain!

The fried Puffer Fish which was amazingly yummy!

Someone looks like he’s having a lot of fun time eating Korean food!

Anyhow, we walked out and saw a cool water fountain and took many photos there!
Daejeon is really pretty and is a rather simple place (:
As compared to Seoul!

Look at the lights!
Super pretty!

Jiang Yuan the giant!!

The night life around Daejeon!
Check out the neon lights!


Bye for today!


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