Kumdori Land!

The second day of Korea..
Was a rather tiring one..
Woke up in the morning after hearing Evan shouting at my window.
My alarm didnt ring and everyone left without me :(
But lucky I had my Hi-Card and so I was able to contact Jun Hong.
And they were all at ICU using the computer so over I went.

While waiting for the shuttle bus!
Oh ya, it’s really out of the way here.. like rural.
Cos there is only a bus that brings us out and the interval’s every hour.
So, isn’t our hostel nice? :D
By the way, the tree that Evan is standing near to..
Is directly outside my window!

We went out of school really fast…
And through the rear gate.
Guess what, there were LOADS of food la!
It was like a food street.
Not really cheap, but at least, it was decent, and…
Definitely much better than school’s!

And ice creams were 50% off… less than $1.
So… teehee!

Headed to EXPO Core which was rather near our school.

Heart-shaped cactus!

Jing must be loving this place!


Came by this pet shop..
And it was selling CHIPMUNKS!
Like those in Hainan Island, they were rather fit.
So they ran really fast.

Who were living with hamsters!



Then we headed down to B1 to have some nice Korean food!

And Jiang Yuan got this rather disgusting TEA!

And you know what?
Korea has really nice… cakes!
Seriously. Every cake we have seen till now, is carefully decorated.

Korea is also like a flower country.
Everywhere you go, you are bound to see flowers!

On the bus out from Expo to Daejeon City Centre.

And reaching the main street… (:
Well, managed to get a travel adaptor here.
Thank goodness.
Else, I really dont know how to survive without my laptop! :(

The bridge that shakes!


Actually, we are so unfamiliar with the roads that…
We kinda walk alot of yuan wang lu…
Like alot, from AMK to Yishun that kind. ZZZ.
One bus stop from the other is like Yishun to Khatib.
And no, I am not exaggerating!

Reaching the rollercoaster place!

Have I gone fairer? :D
Oh ya, I look like ABNN here :(
Everyone so fair! :(



At the Sky Park!

Inside the… Kumdori Land!

The stupid flume ride that cheated us.
ZZZ. Cost us 4500won and it only had like 2m drops. ZZZ

The rollercoaster.. that was very boring.
Cos we were the only ones on it.
But the rounded viking you see is like super fun! (:

Having fun in the park!

And in the garden!

Reaching for FLOWERS!

And bathing under them!

Oh.. and there are roses growing everywhere!
LOL so wierd.
I wonder if you still see them around on V’day!

Totally love this photos!

No idea what these are.. but they are many of them around Daejeon!

More flowers?

Get my point now? :)
They are really loads of them.


They wanted to copy us!


And I have no idea what ride this is!

The ‘Korean’ Eye? :S

And the funny mirrors!


I want legs like this!


Evan looks nicer.. when he’s fat.

The transformer to be..

And the tough job behind it!




That’s Kumdori Land for you!

Jun Hong is a funny position!


Oh, and we are 50m from EARTH. LOL

Headed back to EMART… which was about 1.5km away.
Oh we walked by the way.
So now, my legs are pretty rotten.
And as all of us wanted to eat hot stove…
We walked into this restaurant without knowing that they were selling…


They thought we were from China!
And even gave us this.. to well, help us a little.


But the storeowner was really nice..
He gave us coke, help us cooked and gave us alot of Kimchi..
Not that we like them..

I bet you feel like your tongues will burn right? :(


On the streets at night!

And we found more nice looking cakes!

The store that sells LOADS of notebooks at dirt cheap prices.
Unlike Artbox that sells them at $36 when they are only selling at… umm 1/7 of the price?

The ABNNs!

Goodbye for now! (:
Oh and sleeping alone can be real scary.
You hear all those little sounds and scare the hell out of yourself :(


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