Arriving in Korea

Firstly, An Nyong Ha Se Yo!
Greetings from Korea!! (:

Finally, using my wireless in school..
But hai, still no internet at hostel :(

It must be hot in Singapore isn’t it? (:
Haha, but its really cool here in Korea!
Nice nice weather, air-con temp!
Super shiok!

Well, I was a very lucky girl…
As before I left, I had alot of people sending me off! (:
Thank you TSKs, besties and Daddy and Mummy!

Evie’s Mom, Mommy and Me!

Me, Jackie, Shishi, Jing, CX, Jaspi and Tengy!

Shishi and Jingie!

The wonderful people (:

Daddy and Mummy dear!

Evie’s family!

The ladies!
Yes and my umm slightly dislocated foot!

The guys!

When we left, it was a long “GOODBYE” sessions.
Cos we said many many goodbyes.
Well, I was having mixed feelings, sad, yet excited. (:
Going to a foreign land all by myself and well, let’s just say, I kinda like the independent-feeling!

Anyhow, we almost missed the plane thanks to Evie Li.
He had stomachache and the plane was waiting for us.

On the plane, it took off rather smoothly and came down very smoothly too.
No pain at all for me, but for Evie, it was quite bad for him.

Oh the Cheer bear Jingie gave me before I left!
And that’s Huhu!

On the plane!
Before landing in BKK!

Nice food (:

Evie insisted on taking photos of these cups for Jing!
And guess what, we even asked the crew if we can keep one of the bowls..
Cos it look like a nice soap holder (:
She gave us an amused look and looked away…
But in that excitement, we forgot to da-bao the buns!

The yummylicious salad Thai Airways served us!

Having fun on the plane with Bomberman.

And the nice crew (:

In BKK! (:
Super nice!
Oops, we look kinda ABNN here!

It was quite rushing, with only 1 hour and 30 minutes to transit.
But, we had time for toilet, and well everything else.

Oh ya, halfway there to Seoul, we saw this really pretty place.
It looks like shattered glass all over the land.
And we were guessing which country it was.
From India, Indonesia, China, blah blah..
To everything else.
Sorry, I think you guys should know my geography standards huh!
Haha. (:

WOOHOO! Sunrise right in front of us!

Another meal! (:
Super nice!
And the dessert just rocks my toes!

Haha more cups for Jingie!


The place was pretty restricted.
We couldn’t take any photos anywhere.
In fact, some security guard saw us taking photos and requested us to delete it right in front of him. :(

But clever us still managed to sneak some on the train to the Passenger Terminal!

Ha! Nice grass. But its fake!
Oh ya, the exchange rate was disappointing too.
Looks like we were supposed to look at the SELLING rate instead.
How dumb. It’s only like wad… 727?
Man. The ones in Singapore are like 761. ZZZ

Korean roads!
The cars there drive super recklessly and fast.
Oh ya, we managed to get ourselves safely to ICU by bus, 3 hours and then by a … van cap.
Don’t ask me why they call themselves van cap.
I felt van caB sounded more… appropriate.
Anyhow, the driver was really nice.
Dropped us off at ICU.
Met up with our coordinator.
And guess what, he’s the first person I saw with plastic surgery.
And he just did his cos it was still puffy and still had scars.
Umm, and no matter how he closes his eyes, it still has the crease there.
And well, on the streets, quite common to see that.. :S

Went out almost after we settled down in the dorm.
Cos it was almost 12 hours since we last ate on the plane!
Headed to E-Mart cos they had to top up on certain things they have missed out.

The prehistoric site?
Not that prehistoric after all. Lol.

The wierd people on the street!


Evie and Me!


Look at the pedesterian crossing.
It has no countdown in the form of seconds, but in the form of arrows. (:
And they have those buttons where you can press and hear which street you are at..
If I am not wrong, those are meant for the visually-handicapped.


This is Jiang Yuan’s sundae.
They basically just piled the chocolate on it.
LOL. Oh, but its cheap. Only cost 1000won!

Same for my fries too! (:

Cutie rabbits!
I miss Pom Pom!

And that’s basically all for the day.
All too tired already after a long flight.
Went back, met up with my roommate who’s from Mongolia
And… had a nice bath in my hotel looking bathroom.
And it was time for dreams (:

Miss you people in Singapore! (:


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