Woke up early! But Evie Li was late.
Ended up, Tengy, Jaspi and Cx were early!
Shishi met me and Evie before heading down to find the rest.
And guess who was the latest? SUSAN LEE!
Ok I mean, Jingie Lee. :)

Ate Macs for breakie!
Then took 138 to Mandai Zooo!

As like any tourists.. This is inevitable.

The Tsks!

Hoho, and we were in early new year mood too!

And wow, the Zoo has Ben’s and Jerry’s… cow!
I thought CX look really happy here :)

I forgot to bring water so walked into Cheers in the Zoo to buy.
And omg !@#@! the cheapest and only available one was the Zoo’s and it costs $2!
I can buy 4 Ice Mountains with that!

Ugly tickets where everyone was snatching for the umm zebra.

And we had more group photos taken while we were inside!

Haha! And Jaspi look like he got punished to stand!

The naughty parrot who was yawning!

Crocos sponsored by Crocs.


They said Hippo yawns to show affection.

So how about us!

Wild boar. Eeks. Thinking about the prev time where I got chased by one in China. Eww.

Nice hut! But Shishi said she will never stay in there cos no internet. -_-


The girls with the Kangaroos!

And umm funny faces.

There were elephants.

And interesting facts about them.


Two with funny looking butts.
The red one was cos its fertile.
And the rainbow one? No idea. What a catchy butt.



Polar bears..


We had a umm who’s that person called? Steve Irwin’s wannabe.

And one whole day at the Zoo was enough to shag us out.

So why waste the unlimited tram rides which we paid $5 for!

With rhinos.

And umm their butts.

And a really proud peacock.


With Zebras and Ostrichs.

And Mr Tallie… the giraffes!!

Finally, resting at the Cats’ Enclosure.

Cool painting.

White tigers!

Funny looking stuff.


And a real naughty monkey who wanted to scare me by jumping on top on me.

But before we left..
They just had to take this real obscene kuku jiao photo.

Haha, for once, I felt Shishi look a bit pervertic here.

Evie and the Seal!

Glow in the dark..

And umm everyone trying to kiap me.
Wait till I find that old photo, then I will scan in to show you why they did that. :P

Actually, being at the Zoo was really fun, but sad thing was, Children’s world was being renovated..
So there weren’t any rabbits and chicks to play with :(
That’s my only regret I guess.
But anyhow, thanks to the Tsks who made my day!
And hope Shishi had a great time at the Zoo!

Ah. Finally reached…
NEW YORK NEW YORK at amk hub.
While walking in, we just simply took candyfloss.
And sat down.

That’s Tengy’s wonderful creation!
Had a nice talk and laugh about pads and all.
And umm diarrhoea too. LOL. Poor Jaspi!!

After the rest left, Evie and me went to take a walk around AMK hub, trying to find new year clothes.
Hai, but to no avail.
Took photos with the new year decos though.

Born in the year of the rabbit!

And the dog.


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