Flea Market at *Scape!

Jingie came down with Evie to help! :)
Ok shan’t bore you out with details.
Nothing much to say.

On the account of someone, who insists that I should say more than just this…
Quoting him/her/it, “I also dismantled, tied and put the rack together.”
Actually, he/she/it also did alot of other things too..
But cos I was too tired that day, so I didn’t mention much.

Anyhow, thank you Evie for helping to move the table and rack 3 times..
For making 2 very popular series of necklace+earrings…
For being a whole lot of fun at the flea..
For being lunch for us :P
And last but not least, for trying to attract the crowd with your amusing tactics.

And since I talked about Evie..
I wanna thank Jingie too..
For carrying the heavy ‘luggages’ all the way down with her bare hands.
She said she has become superwoman after all those carrying books home from school.
For helping me display stuff..
For accompanying me and trying to attract the crowd with her silly tactics too..
And last but not least, for being a darling just by being there :)
You are very much appreciated.

We were given a lousy location, near the dustin!

And… we moved 3 times, all thanks to the rain.
But ended up at a good location, which we sold most of the things from 6pm to 7pm!
Thanks Jasie for coming down too! :)

The bestie loves Jo! :X

The smelly bin. As I learnt today, this is non-arbitrary cos which bin isn’t smelly?!

Jingie and Evie!

School started today.
Woke up at 6am.

So primary school can?
Went for MA1505, aka Mathematics, aka Calculus + Shit.

Luckily the lecturer still had some sense of humour.
Could still understand what he was saying thank goodness.
But Siow Yuan told me he isn’t that good after all.
Hai, shall just cross my fingers and pray! :)

Gonna be a hectic semester..
6 modules.
4 examinable, 2 project-based.

Wish me luck.
Don’t even think I have the time to play anymore.

Ok, so gonna die soon of exhaustion.
Looking forward to Zoo this sat! Yay. :)
Till then!

Think I will put up Sunway Day 2 and 3 tmr :)


2 responses to “Flea Market at *Scape!

  1. Hey babe,

    Its alright, we’ll rmb to take them when I am in town again.. Hopefully! :)

    Thanks for leaving your concern tag. I feel loved.

    Have fun in school!


  2. :)

    Yes we will!
    Haha, don’t worry, you can always msg me on msn or hp if you need a listening ear or someone to rant at :P

    Have fun too! :P
    Though I don’t think I’m going to have any fun this sem :(

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