Bowling and Billy Bombers!

Hoho! I’m finally out of the internship.
Sigh. How tiring.
The working style sucks big time.

So what did Evie and I did when it all ended?
Hiaks… Eat Porridge Buffet at Suntec la!

For $9.90, we ate a whole spread.
But nah, it didn’t taste as nice actually.

Horrible old vege.
Yucky cold food.
The only thing nice was probably the porridge and the Pulou Hitam.

Then after that, we went to Marina Square.
Wanted to go bowling, but Evie ended up at Fourskin, getting 2 more shirts.
This boy really knows how to shop more than I do.
And I’m the girl. -_-”

Outside Fourskin, we attempted taking photos with the lantern, but aiyo!
Failed badly.

Gave up and took this.

At the bowling alley, we started off the first game.
On a bad note for me, cos I can’t rmb how to bowl.
Throughout the game, we had a lot of funny postures, looks and smiles.

And nice ones too.

Hai, didn’t manage to catch up in the end too, despite having 2 strikes :(

Evie the Pro

Jo the louse!

After this, we went to PS to play Xi Gui.
Haha, in other words, ghost sucker.
Spent $8 just to clear the whole game.
So silly! :P
Then went over to Orchard Popular where they were having 20% storewide sales to find Jingie!
Too bad Jasie couldn’t join us.. Cos no one informed her!! :(
Went to GMask at Wisma to settle Evie’s Itouch.
And off we went to Heerens :)
The poor girl had to carry 2 heavy bags of notes!

Hehe Evie got his other Fourskin top and we settled down in Billy Bombers!

The really vintage decor!

And somehow, I think Evie had a fetish of Jing drinking Root Beer or sth..
I found like over 15 photos of Jing and her root beer in my cam! LOL.

My super nice Cookies and Cream Milk Shake!

Uber sinful though! :(


The happy boy with his food!

Jing started showing us what she did for her students!
Really nice and thoughtful!

It’s like a points system or sth like that!

I can’t help posing with it!

I really really like this photo a lot!

And this too! Like paparazzi chasing Jingie and me!

Hehe :) And more photos to end the day with!

Thanks Jingie and Evie!


2 responses to “Bowling and Billy Bombers!

    i look totally cui and haggard in the photos!!
    godddd. and i see eyebags. tt’s like.. i think the first time im seeing eyebags on my face in photos!

    i. must. be. really. tired.

  2. Yes I think so too! :S

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