Wednesday was work from home day!
Sentosa was great!
Though it rained pretty heavily when we reached!
Took cover under a huge white tent.
Was pretty lame just lying there on a mat like we were suntanning!

Tanjong Beach was quiet.
But it was good enjoying the tranquil it had.

Didn’t really go into the water.
Damn freaking dirty with seaweeds floating around.
Just played with the sand with the sandcastles thing I bought the other time for the previous Sentosa trip.

Took the skyrider up.
Was pretty fun, but weirdly, my fear of heights is starting to emerge!
Can’t wait to get off during the middle of the ride.

Then later.. took the Luge down..
Omg, hehe, I love karts!

Went to watch Songs of the Sea.

Thought the story line was lame..
But yay to the production team for the effects and laser and definitely, the fireworks!
A pity though, my camera died halfway.

It was a great day.
Thanks Evie!

Thursday was sad day.
But Pom Pom did try to cheer me up by balancing on his house!

Ok la, actually it was cos that was some cockroach in his hut. LOL.

Thursday afternoon was spent with Jingie. :)
Thanks darling.


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