Sad Day

This whole blog probably does not have any sad posts.
But today, I’m not going to hide anything..
Nothing behind protected posts.
Much as I look like the girl who’s always cheerful.
I have my sad days too.

Today, you broke my heart.
Rarely do I shed tears in public.
In fact, only thrice, when it was Passing Out Parade..
During training camp and… I can’t rmb the last time.
But today, I shed tears twice.
Once on the bus to meet Shishi and once at the fountain at Raffles City.

Maybe other than my parents, no one really made me this sad before.
Walking around aimlessly..
Thinking about things..
Wondering whether I was in the wrong… to feel that way.

Jasie replied me almost immediately..
Said she wanted to come meet me, but couldn’t cos she was babysitting.
Jingie called immediately after her meeting.
Came down despite being sick, tired and all.
Really appreciated it my besties.

Jingie, just wanted to say..
Thank you.

You have no idea how your presence meant to me today.
Thanks for accompanying me to the Donut Factory cafe.
Having ate 3 donuts, didn’t exactly made me happy as it usually would.
But catching up with Jingie, brought me further away from those thoughts.
She brought me to Laserflair later.
Where I rented VCDs.
To keep me busy.. So that I won’t think about it.

The rain didn’t exactly help much.
I like the rain alot actually.
But today, the rain made me feel worst than ever.


4 responses to “Sad Day

  1. it was really all i could do..
    love you babe.

  2. I’ll be here if anything happens k! im just a call away.

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