Gatherings, Ning & Raffles Buds

New year, new layout.
Like it?
I do :)

Woke up really early, say 10am, washed up and got ready by 11am.
Missed the 54 before.
Saw 52 came, boarded it.
Hoping to change to 162 or 54 later.
162 came by seconds later, got on it.
Sat down, and thought to myself. Whee! Gonna see Ning soon.
BUT… who knows.
WTH, I got jammed around Bright Hill Temple area.
And then jammed at Thomson again.
So by the time I reached Novena, it was around 12pm already.

Pissssssssed off man!
Ended up, I only reached Far East at 1220pm instead of 12!

But that ladyy was so patient. :)
Gave me a hug, and off we went to find the Sushi place in LevelOne.
But hey, it was quite pathetic, so we went to Wheelock for Sakae.
And guess what, it was better than the buffet I had that day.
Maybe cos this time round, I wasn’t stuffing myself with Sushi.
I was enjoying my food, talking and catching up.
Talking about old SA times.
Laughing about Jensen and Jojo. (Oops, hope she’s not reading)
Hahaha.. basically it was really nice catching up with Ning.
As always. :)
Thanks babe, 1st 3 months may be short, but I am so glad our friendship is still strong.
Gave her the Bodyshop pressie I got her for her 21st :)
Hope she likes it cos scents are pretty personal.
Then left for Centrepoint with her at about 2pm cos Jasie was waiting for me there.
A pity though, both of us forgot to take photos despite having cameras in our bags.
!!! Never mind, told her I will meet up with her again for lunch!
And I promise, Ning, I will remember to take photo this time round. :D:D

Reached Centrepoint at about 215pm, found Jasie who told me she can’t find G2000.
Sigh, and I don’t know why, but G2000 isn’t found at Centrepoint.
That’s like so wierd, isn’t Centrepoint a pretty high-end kinda shopping centre? Hmm.
Haha window-shopped around till 230pm before we decided to leave for Somerset.
As said by Jasie, “Better don’t be early, cos everyone will be late.”

And when we reached, I think there was only Des, Melv, Zhiren and Yuan Shao.
Sigh, and as usual, Jasie and me are the earliest girls again.

Knew the RI guys from Red Cross since we were Sec 2.
Wow, that’s like how many years ago?
Talentime, courses.. 50th anniversary.
Despite coming from different schools, ok, maybe we were affliated and all…
But still… after all we been through, as juniors and seniors…
The memories. Wow. :)
So glad to be still meeting up with them after all these years.
A pity though, Annie, Dior and Tecktee couldn’t come.

Decided to head to Cine cos everyone else was late and Fel wasn’t picking up her phone.
Haha, but guess what, on the way, Fel was walking in the opp. direction towards the MRT.
And she said, “Oops. I’m late!”
Lol! Funny girl!

Went into Xin Wang and got an 8-seater area as more people will be joining us later.

Chio Fel and Me in Xin Wang :)

Ordered and waited for people to turn up.
Mar came by first.
Big change, she used to be tom-boy and all, but after going to SMU..
She dresses like a lady, working-style and all.

Then Eugene came by after his driving classes followed by Daowei.
DW used to be my psch best pal and was the first guy to came to my house to play cluedo. :P
Did prefect duties together in the amplifer room with Nicole..
Those were the days!

Soon enough, Pooi Khay came!
Waited for Eugene to eat while we decided what to do.
Still quite torn cos.. movie won’t be a nice idea to well catch up.
Bowling would be too crowded.
And not everyone wanted to sing.

Ended up, we went to play Arcade and Pool. -_-“

The ladies (5 out of 9), Jasie, Mar, PK, Fel and Me!

The guys, DW, Yuanshao, Melv.

Gene and Des.

Des didi, the mixed-blood looking one. :P

The group photo after Fel left, and with Gene looking straight at the cam.

Thanks Des, for organising and all, and everyone else for turning up. :D
It was definitely nice catching up and all!


2 responses to “Gatherings, Ning & Raffles Buds

  1. lol. Don’t worry about the delay. I was “catching up” with Far East. It has been years since I last went back there. :)

    It was wonderful seeing you again! I’m very glad you were willing to keep this friendship going cause I wouldn’t have been able to do it alone. I love it alright. Its my first 21st gift; and its very significant. Thanks! *hugs*

  2. Oh man, I just saw this msg, it was listed under SPAM!! GRR.
    Anyhow… yes, it was really wonderful seeing you again as well! :D

    Glad you love it. That’s most impt! Take care!

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