Hair, Cycling & Steamboat

Thursday was spent at Monsoon Bukit Timah.
What to do?
I have a $300 voucher waiting to be used before it expires.
So I decided on a treatment and well, a cut.

But huh, seriously, no difference despite sitting there for close to 2 hours!
Oh, and my hair, really like never cut. -_-”
And it cost $160.
Personally, if I didn’t have the voucher, I really don’t think I will spend so much.
I think face products and all are still reasonable, but hair?
Umm. Yeah.

Woke up early.
Guess its pretty obvious as seen from this photo where I was caught dozing off on the bus.
Yeah, it was work-from-home day again.

So where did we go?
ECP to cycle!
A bright and chirpy day it was.
I really can’t help being sleepy though.

Rented our bikes and cycled.
Halfway, we passed by the 360degrees ski and wow, there were quite a no. of pros doing their stunts.
Just sat down and watched them.

Then we continued cycling and we saw the Castle Beach.

I was in this constipated position cos I was about to jump. LOL

The sun was great, the beach was nice, the sea was dirty..
But we weren’t in the right attire to well, sit down.

Took some photos and off we went.

Finally reached some really pretty breakwaters where planes were close to landing at Changi.
So they were in full view for us to admire while sitting on the breakwaters.
And we found two baby pigeons.
So cute!

Sneaked a few photos of them.

Then I told Evie, I wanted to turn back, cos if we continued cycling on..
I would go through that freaky path where I flew off my bicycle and got myself skinless.

No thanks.
No more alcohol on the naked skin anymore. :S
Poor Jaspi and Jingie had to tahan that yucky looking wound that time.
And my screaming and vulgarities.

So we went back to the mini garden, hoping to get to the top but the stairs was locked.

Just stood there and enjoyed life.

Around 2plus, the sky suddenly went real gloomy, so we thought, better get back before it rains too heavily.

HA! And guess what, they had my favourite Novena Hong Kong Cafe store!

At about 340pm, we left ECP, cos meeting my mom at NTUC to get stuff for Steamboat Dinner tonight.
Hiaks! Excited.
Got whatever we wanted to get, went back, started cutting the meat and all till about 7pm.
And steamboat officially started!

A pity it was though, cos about 1 hour plus into the steamboat dinner.
The steamboat suddenly umm, started smoking!
Badly. It was helluva SMELLY.

I went to take cover with my rabbit in the balcony.
 3/4 almost passed steamboat, but failed terribly at the end. :(
Dad promised he will get a good one this time round.


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