Alvin and the Chipmunks!

Went to school early in the morning to hand up application forms and review forms.

Then we went to collect Evie’s specs..
The lens were still a tad too big..

So.. gonna do some adjustments and collect it on Fri.

Then we went to Suntec to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks.
Sigh, can’t believe it.
It was still sold out on a weekday!

Anyhow, I like Theodore.

Then we left for Shenton Way cos meeting Jackie and pals for Sakae! :D

With the wierd looking Christmas tree!

In the middle of Shenton Way

Waiting for Jackson Yapppp.

Jackie and Evie in Sakae!

Eat liaos, really very full.
In fact I skipped breakie the next morning!

Nothing better to do, so we walked around..
And found out my camera quite cool, can take alot of wierd photos..

And weird people too.

Feeding.. a non-living object..?

Trigger happy me

Sane us.

Crazy us. Actually, when we were about to leave, tourists went to do the same shot, to do the same pose. LOL.

The empty bridge that we got stuck in a human jam the night before.

Tired but happy as usual.


6 responses to “Alvin and the Chipmunks!

  1. tts not a christmas tree! haha. supposedly some famous art work. they were revealing the “man” one by one all the way till it hits 2008 or smthg.

    and theodore is really cute righttttt :D damn chubby. -pinch

  2. didn’t read your blog for a few days and its overflowing with entries.. anyway thanks for lunch today and my 21st present! love it hon!! :) *muacks*

  3. Hahs! Issit? Stupid Evie told me its a Christmas tree! LOL :P

    Yeah, cuter than Alvin and the other one :P

  4. Hehe! Let’s meet up soon kaes, need to take photo! :D Glad you like it! Was so scared you wont.. Anyhow, take careee!

  5. one of my favourite scenes from the chipmunks was where theodore was frightened by dave and pooped and simon claimed it was a raisin and put it into his mouth. ha. damn funny!

  6. YEAH LA! But I think the part where Theodore came into Dave’s room and asked, “I had a nightmare, can I sleep with you?” was darn sweet!! :P

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