Happy New Year!

So how did you spend yours?

We were working on New Year’s Eve!
But once work end, rushed home, ate dinner, watched Ratatouille…
And… off we left to meet Bryan and Eevonn!
They wanted to meet us for dinner.. but oops. Dad booked us!

When we came out of the station.
It wasn’t as crowded yet.
Still 9plus at that time.
Then we headed to Padang to take a look at the situation.
Checked out Swensens as well!
Nope, closing at 10pm. :(
So Evie and me headed to Raffles City Marketplace to check out if there were any eateries open till midnight.

Settled down at Soup Spoon.
But Velvety Mushroom was sold out!
Ate the quite nan-chi pumpkin soup.

But.. by 10plus… Bryan and Eevonn were still not here!
And wierdly, Raffles City was still open..
So off we went taking photos!

Caught admiring bags at Kate Spade!

Went into Robinsons!

Pens you will never want to bring to school!

Woo, and as usual, I don’t really stay long at the Ladies Dept..
Cos I’m usually found at the Toy’s Dept! :D

Favourite Sylvanian Family! But my house is still empty!
With only a pair of twins.. anyone kind enough to sponsor?

My favourite!

Evie’s favourite!

Finally, Bryan reached at 1115!
So off we headed to Padang..
And on the way..

Bryan and Eevonn!

We also met Evie’s pals!
Who turned out to be my JC schoolmates!

Hoho. The Supreme Court in its ultimate glory!

And we finally settled down after a lot of pushing and shoving.
Guess where!

Ah, no price for guessing where!

And before the firework started…
We took some ghostly photos!

Finally a proper one!

At 12am sharp…

My photos!

Evie the pro, actually, it was just cos he had the tripod. I had to use shaky hands!

A photo together with the fireworks as a couple..

No longer this…

and this!

And I thought this was rather meaningful..
Not us btw..

Not Bryan and Eevonn either, cos we lost them in the crowd just before the fireworks!

But…It was the going-home that was pretty.. !@#!@#.
We experienced human jam for the first time.
Getting stuck for 25minutes on a bridge!
So stupid.
And we couldn’t get out of it as well!

Check it out for yourself.

Walked all the way to Clarke Quay, just outside MOS to get a cab.
Shagged to the extreme.
But anyhow, I had a wonderful 2008! :D
Hope you had a wonderful one as well!


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