Looking Back on 2007

Well, the year has been rather… eventful I must say.
As I realised the importance of friendship.
This year, had many.. firsts.
Let’s see..

In February…
I started FunnyUmbrella on February the 17th. It was previously housed in Livejournal.

In March…
I got to work at my very first roadshow as an OCBC Mobile Queen.
I got my Fuji F31FD and my first ‘splurge’ bag as well. $220.95 :)

In April…
I got Facebook and… Windows Vista (which sucks).
I joined Fitness First, spent a bomb quitting it as well.
Got my first pair of skinnies. (Hehe, I’m not that much a fashionista)

In May…
I printed my own compcards, with encouragement from a photog friend.
I sang KTV for the first time at Evie’s chalet.
I spent a week in Hainan having the time of my life!

In June…
I met a group of marvellous friends at Evie’s 25th Birthday.
I went to old-school funfair and I called Evan Mr Boyfriend Material, and how he is my bf now. LOL!
I joined SoC Orientation Camp as an AGL and fell in love with high school musical!
I went to Sentosa after 3 years. 

In July…
I did my first TVC!
I went Chomp Chomp!
I got my first bikini!
Appeared on Kimage’s newsletter unknowingly.
Did the PA Roadshow where I got to know Lixuan and Tengy.
Wonderful chalet at NSRCC!
Went MOS! 

In August…
I was on TV for a Variety Show and won it!
I cut my hair! :(

In September…
I had wonderful friends who planned for my bday!
Celebrated Lantern Festival with friends!

In October…
I went Hanoi!
Evie and me came together :)
I did my first hairshow under Monsoon and got a special cut from Addy Lee :) 

In November…
I caught 3 of my favourite movies for the year..
Enchanted, Doraemon and Ratatouille!
And for the first time, I studied really hard :)

In December…
I went overseas with pals!
I went Jurong East Swimming complex for the first time and saw my first 2007 rainbow :P
I made my first tangyuans!
I countdowned for Christmas!
I had 2 wonderful Christmas parties. The best being at Jing’s!
I spent the last day of 2007 with Evan Li! :P

It was also the year I changed 4 phones.
From Samsung E330 to Sony Ericsson K610im to Sony Ericsson Z610i to Nokia 5610.

So now, a closure to this exciting and memorable year with new year resolutions..
And looking forward to another year of happiness, fun, friendship and love!

New Year Resolutions for 2008
1. Lose weight till I hit 52kg!
2. Push my cap up even more!
3. Be more polite to my parents.
4. Do something about my room.
5. Be happy. :D
6. Fatten Evie up!

I think that’s all for now.
Till then, bye 2007, happy 2008! :D


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