Saturday’s Day Out!

So wierd.
I blogged about this yesterday and its all gone!!
I hate blogging about things again.

Anyway, we decided on Hong Kong Cafe after walking aimlessly around Novena.
I decided on my Cheesy Beef and Mango Showhand pretty fast.
And helped Evie decide on Beef Horfun and Mango Pomelo.. which were horrible!

With my cheesy beef…

Evie’s horrible + incorrigible horfun! EWW!
Sorry I lied it was nice cos I wanted ya to finish it :P

Wondered why he can still smile so nicely when it tastes like yuck.

With my nice desserts…

With Evie dear.

Soon after, we rushed down to Marina Square in 15minutes, hoping to catch Alvin and the Chipmunks at 245pm.
But hai, when we reached, it was all sold out.
So we called Evie’s twin to check for Cathay’s.
And it had a 3.15pm slot, but the most pissifying thing was that we came from Cathay area!
Sigh. So off we went back to Cathay, only to know it was sold out too!

GRR! And we went back to Peninsula Plaza again..
Cos Evie wanted to make new specs!

Guess which frame he chose?

Ladeedum, wanted to head home, but it was still early so I suggested walking over to Central.
And on the way there, we saw this really nice shop!

Which sold really nice cupcakes! Big ones at $3/each and small ones at $1/each :)

I won’t say its super nice, but well… I love their designs.. so yup :)

In Paisley and Cream waiting for the cupcakes…

It had really nice ambience and decor.. so we started taking photos!

Was trying to imitate Audrey Hepburn behind me but failed terribly!

Pink walls are pretty, but pink and brown walls are even prettier!
I want a house like this too!
Looks so candy-like!

Soon enough, our cupcakes arrive.. and so did our pot of tea!
It felt so doll-like and all!
Like a mini tea cup party we girls like to have when we are young!

Couldn’t tahan-ed and ordered even more!

As I was waiting for my parents to call, I got a little bored…

Before I left.. I took the whole series of cupcakes they were selling that day!

Went out and took some photos of the Christmas Decor at Central.
Duh they are obviously there for a reason.

Anyhow, my parents called and said they were eating at Beach Road again.
So off we went to Bugis.
Topshop, DP and Diva were having sales.
Oops. I might be a little late. :P
But seriously, the crowd really pissed me off, got a pair of earrings from Diva and off I left!

We found ourselves walking into Bugis Intercontinental where we took more photos :)
Like tourists. Lol.

All in all, it had been a great day..

Thanks Love! ♥
AND from the both of us, HAPPY 2008 everyone! (:


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