Christmas at Jing’s!

HOHO! I told myself I have to blog about this tonight no matter what!
Here goes!
Kudos to the most fun and happening party ever…
This is going to be image heavy.. so..teehee.

Straight after work, rushed to Evie’s house for a change of clothes.
He stayed over the night before to do up his client’s website.
Anyway, we met Jasie at Jing’s about 430pm.
So happy. Haven’t seen that babe in ages.
I miss her!

Hehe, reached Jing’s and… her mom’s still at home, helping her with the food.
Jasie mistook Jing’s mom for Jing…
(Jing’s mom, see you are still very young!)
Anywayyyy… The prep looks like this..

I didn’t really help, but Evie, CX and Jasie did…
That’s cos I dont wanna Ye bang ye mang! :X

Hehe.. CX in the big yellow glove!

And so what was I doing when everyone else was busy at on time or another?

Preparing the Christmas Tree la!
Oh and the blue gift is mine from Evie!

And taking photos lo!

Jasie and Me!

Anyway, at 615pm, Jing started laying out the dinner…
cos Tengy, Jaspi, Shishi and Jackie was due to come anytime now!

Look at the sumptous spread of food!

Let me introduce you the food…

Yummylicious Mushroom PASTA (I WANT MORE)

Yummylicious Grilled Salmon!!! (I WANT EVEN MORE!)

The chicken that Evie believed was a baby turkey.. *PENGS*

Jing, you can open restaurant le!

SEE! Pissed off me! A hungry girl is an angry girl!

So while waiting… for an hour plus..

Jingie, CX and Jasie read magazines!

Don’t ask me wth is this pose. I have no idea!

Evie was busy taking photo.

And soon enough, everyone stopped reading and came out to take photos.


Jingie and CX!

The latest updated Christmas tree with Jingie’s pressies!

Crazy Jingie!

Must be Evie Li who sneaked this photo on me!
Btw, didn’t the Shrek ears play a part in creating some Xmas atmosphere? :D
And Jing started playing Alvin and the Chipmunks!

Shishi and Me!

Hmm, I think Evie was making me sing along.

And.. Kuku me!

The ladies at the tree!

The gentlemen!

Jasie, Me and Evie!

Then, Jingie started distributing masks for everyone…


Evie and Me!

Jingie and Me!

Evie and Jasie!

Jingie and Jasie, the two important girls in my life!

CX and Me!

Jackie and Evie!

And finally.. the two guys came.. -_-”

Followed by cutting of the ‘Baby Turkey’

And… definitely, me in action.

Then following this… was Twister!
Yeah la, what a way to go on after a delicious meal!
Almost puked everything out!

And more photo taking!

That’s what Jaspi got for coming late!

And guess what’s for dessert!
Homemade Cupcakes and Brownies!
Super duper yummy!

With stars and gingerbreadman!

Mint chocolate coated brownies!

Caught on camera!

The baker :D

Hiak, and it was GIFT EXCHANGE!
So fun to see everyone looking so happy opening their pressies.
Exclaiming about theirs..

Jasie and Shishi!

Happy CX!

Hehe, my gift for Evie.. (This is part 3 btw!)

Happy Evie!

And the two most lamest one was Jaspi’s big hersheys that was given by CX..
And Jing’s big red pen that was given by Jaspi!

Thank you Tengy btw, for the VS’ gifts!

Thank you Jingie they are just what I need! :D

Thank you CX for the cute pouch!

Thank you Evie for the clutch..and the heart-shaped thingy you took so long to make :D

And… lastly…
Thank you Jasie and Shishi for never failing to stuff me with Chocolates!

And not forgetting my gift from Auntie Margaret!

And ending the day with a… Group photo!!

The girleighs!
Someone even commented that this photo sees white black white. Thanks! :S

The group!

Wanted to upload photos to facebook but I guess Jingie beat me to it! :(


One response to “Christmas at Jing’s!

  1. HEHE. i had so much fun as well! you guys were really wonderful guests.
    was nice fattening you guys up :D
    & possibly my best christmas ever. heh.

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