Christmas Party!

Christmas was spent at Evie’s poly pal, Jacky and Caris’ house.
Oh ya, they are married that’s why!

Evie came over at 1130am.
Was supposed to go to cousin’s house actually.
Anyway, we went to HDB Hub to buy Munchy Donuts for everyone.
Bought a dozen!

Got two white chocolate ones, one for Shishi and one for me.

Went to Jurong Point’s NTUC to find the rest who were shopping for fruits for Fondue!
Then left in Andy’s car.
I want a CAMRY too! So nice and spacious!
Anyhow, when we reached, I immediately went to find Shishi.
Oh ya Shishi’s renting one of their rooms btw :)
And wow, her room is seriously very cozy.
Love it! :)

Then went out and helped Andy to prepare the fondue.
By cutting fruits and washing them!
Haha so fun! :)
TADAH! The finished product!

After a while, everyone came by and its time for a group photo!

The first photo where Jacky and Caris were kinda excluded from the photo.

The second photo where Evie was the photographer.

Really love the house.
So spacious, and so homely.
And most importantly, its a space.
A private one. :)

Christmas TrEee!

Hehe, and after this… the party was declared.. STARTED!
There was loads of food, from chicken wings, to pizza, garlic bread and finally donuts!

Chicken wing fans!


Andy, Evie and Shishi!

Evie and Shishi!

Chicken Wing fight!

The couple! Caris and Jacky!

Wei Jie brought over Wii!
So fun!
Love playing bowling and tennis on it. :D
And for the first time, Shishi actually won all of us!
Haha. Oh ya, on Wii only ah. :P

The three who’s so engrossed.

While me…and Evie…

We couldn’t tahan the mahjong itch.
Haha and Evie won $12.40! :)

One of Evie’s tall close friends..Zhihao

Ended the day with a Gift Exchange!
I got a heat/cool pack!
Super cute :)





Last group photo for the day!

Hehe.. and guess what we found in Shishi’s room before we left!



And we ended the day with pics that will last a lifetime!

Thanks people!
I had a wonderful Christmas!


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