Christmas Eve Countdown

Christmas Eve..
We rushed down after work..
Sigh. No half day cos we had so much work to clear!
But Mr Mah gave us half day on 26th…

I went shopping for pressies for Dad, Mum and Ning before that!
Oh and Jasie and Jingie too. (:
Poor Evie, he was getting sick of me popping in and out of Body Shop.
And not getting anything!

We finally reached Cafe Cartel @ Marina Sq at 10pm!

Cafe Cartel!

The Guys.. Evie, Kenneth, Andy and I can’t rmb his name!

The Ladies.. Christine, Meizhen, Wenshan, Debbie and me!


Oreo Cheesecake! Dirt Cheap. Only $2.30!

Talked awhile before we headed to Esplanade area to countdown!
More photos!

Evie and the ladies!

Including Andy :)


Group Photo at 12am!

The countdown was really pathetic..
Everyone was just standing around.
Then spraying away…
But I had fun la :)

We headed to in front of Esplanade when the guys started taking wierd photos.
I don’t really understand..

Merry Christmas from the guys!

And the girls took proper photos!

Evie gave me something when the clock striked twelve..
Something he made by himself.
Really sweet!
Thank you :D

Personally, I feel that means alot to me.. :)

After which, Evie and I accompanied them to Ritz Carlton to collect Evie’s pressies from them.
And in there… a five-star hotel has a five-star hotel ambience!

And a lovely chocolate-looking house!
Couldn’t resist not snapping a few shots!

Last but not least..
What’s christmas without a tree!

Hope you had a great Christmas too!


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