Tang Yuan + Steamboat

So so so busy lately..
Haven’t got the time to upload photos..
Hence not been blogging!

Much as I wanna blog about the 2nd day of Sunway..
I still haven’t gotten any photos from TENGYI.
Stupid guy! SO WOLSSS!

Christmas really took a toll on me.
Tired yet happy.
Those buying of pressies, drenched in rain, wrapping pressies, cutting ribbons!

Went to Evie’s house on Sat to do Tang Yuan!
So fun!
We did those without fillings.
First time eating that, but wow, it actually tastes super nice.
Making them was fun!
I had fun making single colours ones but Evie was trying to be funny.
He made half pink half white ones. -_-“

After that, headed to AMK Hub, wanted to go find Evie’s twin.
But he wasn’t around at the shop, so we headed to NTUC to get gifts for gift exchange in the night!
After that, Evie sent me to KBox to find the rest.. and I just realised sth!
Hehe, we had a really mini gathering, more like tiny!
4 people only, including me.
Saw LIHUI after so many years.
And met Woodie for the first time!
He’s a senior at SoC as well!
Zai one too. 2nd upper leh! Don’t play play!
Really cannot judge a book by its cover.

Sang… and laughed.
And yup, found another karoke king – Ray Lihui FONG.
As like last time, as ji siao as ever.
But well, I had fun!
Had to leave at 545pm cos I had another gathering.

With the SoC people!
Old, normal and young people! :D
We went to Bugis to have steamboat buffet!
Super nice! And cheap too!

Had a great time playing this game called ‘Gift Snatch’!
And guess what, me and Evie’s pressies were so uber popular, cos..
1. It was very nicely wrapped.
2. It was very heavy (duh, brands essence leh. :X)

I managed to snatch Yanguang’s pressie and if I’m not wrong, Evie got Kelvin’s pressie!
Had a wonderful time!
Thanks Pei Pei for organising.
Hope you like my pressie!
:D:D It must be really delicious!

Weiyang, Happy Bel, Mayi, Not sure their names..

Gen Gen, me, Evie and Wei Yang

Gen Gen and Me

I just had to put this up. Find this real classic! LOL


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