Star Awards 2007

Blogging 3 entries in a row in frigging tiring.
What to do?
Before I forget what I wanna blog.
And there’s still Sunway to blog too.
Still waiting for Ty’s photos.

Was surfing Monsoon’s website that day.
Cos I’m not sure how I was gonna use my voucher.
And I saw my photos!

Memories like this :)

Anyway…Star Awards rocks.
Like Jingie, I was super hyper throughout the show.
Very happy this year cos people who should get their awards got them!

First and foremost.. Yvonne Lim.
I always admired how she acted in every single show.
She always brought her character out really well.

Followed by.. Edmund Tay.
I like his acting, but I feel his thank you speech was a little blah.

Then.. Lee Jing Mei!
Super pretty hot sexy mama!
She acts really well too, but never gets into Top 10!
But this year, she did!

As usual, my faves, Fel Chin!, Rui En!, Jesseca Liu got their Top 10 Awards..
But a pity, Joanne Peh and Fiona Xie didn’t. :(
Didn’t see Phyllis Quek, Jacelyn Tay, Adam Chen, Li Nanxing that night…
Can’t wait for 8 days to come out!

Managed to get a stall at Lime’s Flea on 12th Jan!
Can’t wait.
Jingie and Evie’s coming along!
Lalala. :D

The bed’s calling.
Time to sleep!
Have an early Monday night people.
Seriously can’t think that I’m going to be slogging my ass off this holidays!


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