Jurong East + Gathering!

It was work from home yet again.
But I had fun!

Headed out to Jurong East Swimming Complex in the morning.
Was cloudy.
Like about to rain, but I had fun.
And I went a shade darker.
Lol. When there’s no sun.
Had a lot of fun, especially when there weren’t much peeps arnd!

After which, we had some delicious $1.50 chicken rice around Jurong.
The sun came by for a while.
We changed bus at Bukit Timah.
Where we stopped by to take some photos.

Took 170 to Thieves Market area.
Wanted to get some vintage stuff.
But it ended raining super heavily!
HOWEVER, we were very lucky.
Cos we saw……


And I can’t remember who told me this.
But if you see a rainbow together as a couple,
You are destined to be with the guy forever.
HOHO! Evan Li.
You are stuck to me from now on!

It was quite silly la.
Raining and there was sun too.
Duh, else where got rainbow right!

Then I went to Army Market and I found one vintage shop!
IT was nice just looking at them!
Don’t even need to buy them lor!
Off we went to Haji Lane.
VictoriaMojo sells alot of vintage bags!
Though abit costly.
But I totally love the concept.
:( :(

Went around Haji Lane buying Christmas pressies.
Cos why?
We are meeting up on 26th December for a mini celebration!
Jasie gonna join us!
I miss that ladyyy!
She’s touching down in Singapore on 23rd!

Anyhow, let’s return to the main topic again.
Shopping at Haji Lane was so fun.
Sneaking in and out of each shop!
Finding little cutsey stuff!
Hoho! I just hope the ladies like their pressies.
Still haven’t gotten Ty and Jaspi’s ones!

We were supposed to meet Evie’s poly pals at 7pm.
But ended up meeting them only at 730pm.
Felt very young there.
Everyone was so mature and grown up!
:( :(
But anyhow, I knew Evie had a great time, so I was happy too.
We ate at a restaurant called Kyoyomamamoo or sth!
Can’t remember.
The steamboat was helluva SALTY!
Almost died.
Bet my kidney failed for a moment or two.
It was like drinking from the dead sea.
I’m never gonna eat there anymore!

Let me try recall their names…

Evie, Andy and Ma

Evie, Kelvin, John, Mingwee and Jacky (Jacky reminds me of a primary school friend.)

Evie, Jacky and Weijie.

Everyone else, including the two girls, Huizhen and Irene!

I had a lot of fun! :D


2 responses to “Jurong East + Gathering!

  1. yay yay yay. 26th 26th 26th! heh. what time will jasie be touching down? we nvr did manage to pick her up. haha.

    anw, evan’s friends are like.. my brother! so uncle! HAHAH. =p

  2. YES 26th! I have no idea, I haven’t seen her online in ages. And sms her also no reply!

    Haha what to do. Uncle age leh! :X

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