Army + Shopping!

Lalala, blogging on all these overdue entries.
Met up with Evie’s army pals during the weekend!
We were late again as usual.
His OC came along too.
Officer Captain?
Hehe. Sorry. These terms are pretty foreign to me.

Walked around Suntec and finally decided on Surf’N’Turf yet again.
Wild Forest Mushroom Soup is ♥!
Settled on Buttered Friend Fish.
A little spoilt I must say.
Cos I ended up running to the loo after FashBash.

Anyhow.. Photos!
Let’s hope I remember their names correctly.

Officer Captain Arthur and Jeremy

Evie and his friend Timmy who just came back from the land down under..

Evie and Ming De, the entrepreneur-to-be from SMU

Tong Le, whose name reminded me of a girl.. lol oops.

Everyone else!

Headed to FashBash at St James.
It was a pathetic place.

So dark.
How do they expect people to shop.
And the rain didn’t exactly make it feel better.

Went to Vivo and got a pair of shorts from Pull and Bear!
Walked around to find Jaspi and Ty’s pressie, but to no avail again.
Guys, your pressies really very hard to find leh!
Then left for home early cos Evie was feeling sick.
But before that…

Hmm I never remembered being so narcissist in the past.
What on earth happened?!



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