Dinner with TSKs!

Haven’t met up with them for ages.
Especially Jing and CX.
Since exams started till now.

We were supposed to meet at 530pm.
But Mr Mah didn’t let us off till 615pm.
Immediately rushed to Barnsburry to find them.
And to my surprise, CX was the earliest (She’s always late btw.)
Followed by Jingie while Jaspi and Tengy only arrived at 620pm.

Anyhow, the restaurant had only a waiter-cook-order-person.
So poor thing.
He was practically rushing up and down.
And nope, he wasn’t the boss.
I just hope that guy was paid well.
Anyhow, the food was cheap, cos no service tax, no GST, nothing!
And the portion was generous.

Jingie paid for the meal!
Maybe it was cos of sth Evie, Jaspi and Tengy said..
about her looking really pretty in makeup that night..
No la, it was cos she just got her bonus.
I want bonus too!
But anyhow… Thanks babe!
Have been getting quite a lot of free lunch/dinner lately.

It was a present-filled night as well.
I had food from all over the world.
Tengy got us some biscuits from Japan.
While Jingie got us tibits from Macau!

Still early, we headed to Starbucks @ Thomson for kopi.
Sat down and chit-chatted before heading home.

Thanks Tsks!
You made my day as usual! ♥

Nice Ambience… Barnsburry at Thomson!



Yours truly.

Twinie and me!

The ladies. :D

The gentlemen.

Biscuits from Japan!

Queueing up for kopi!

Jingie and Tengy!

Shall end here with some scandalous photos!


2 responses to “Dinner with TSKs!

  1. HAHAHAHA. the scandalous photos!

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