No work day!

Today was.. work-from-home-day!
But I was naughty!
I went out!
(: (:

Met Evie at 1015am to head to Partyworld @ Orchard.
But that silly boy was hungry.
So we decided to eat at Hans around Shenton Way.
Hence we decided to go to Partyworld @ Chinatown instead!

Anyhow, it was fun singing all the duets with Evie.
First time too.
And we had a lot of fun playing with shades as usual.

After which, we headed to People’s Park where I got a vintage top.
Then went to Chinatown Point where Evie spent a bomb at SportsMenAsia.
Pretty… weird shop.
Sells loads of underwears.
Felt weird inside.
Never been around so many boxers before!
But the salesperson was very funny.
Keep giggling.

But Evie didn’t manage to find any trunks either.
He came out of the shop $91 poorer.. and 3 tops richer.
Not as if he hasn’t enough clothes.

Then we headed to Dessert House and I ate my Yam Cream :D
Miss Chinatown alot..
Used to shop there alot with Jingie.

Headed to Central after which.
Got the replacement ring.
Cos Evie lost his, and its 2nd time!!
He found it the first time, but second time he wasn’t that lucky!
I saw Jaemes, my cousin at a shop.
He was working there.
Saw Jimmy the photog too.

Took photos with the Christmas Tree!
With my new top too!

He was pouting cos I didn’t wanna take photo with him.. Lol.

Now, say hi to my cranky bf!

Lalala. Was a great day la.
Especially that ice-skating segment.
Had always liked to see people ice-skate.
Cos I can never ice-skate.
Always holding the railings at Jurong Ice Palace.

A pity was that I didn’t get to go Arab Street to find my vintage bags.
But it’s ok!
I had fun!
We ate at the place Tengy and Jaspi wanted to bring us after KL that day.
Yummy Bak Ku Teh and Pineapple Rice!

Yay. Meeting the TSKs tmr!
And Evie’s poly pals the day after.


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