Sunway Fun Part I!

Woke up at 530am that day.
Cos Mom woke up and started banging the pans here and there.
So as to prepare breakie for me and Evie.
Eggs, plus not-so-nice-as-dad’s horlicks.
Poor Evie, sorry to give you such a shock.
As you can see, my dad’s the one who prepares breakie every morning!

Anyway, Daddy gave us a lift to Lavender where we waited for the rest to come!
We reached at 630am cos Dad had to work that day.
Btw, we were only supposed to reach at 730am.

Tengy and Jaspi came by.
Followed by Shishi who came right from the airport after sending her pals off.
And Tengy just came straight from a flight, he didn’t sleep much, just like Shishi.
That’s why…

We are all pretty awake except for the two of them who slept the moment we went on the chui bus.
Ok la, I also slept most of the journey.
I didn’t even go down for toilet breaks.
It was really damn chui.
Cos when we stopped at KLCC area to change for a “BUS”..
What came to pick us up to Sunway was a van. -_-“
By the time we reached Sunway, unpacked in our hotel rooms, it was already 5plus!

Quickly, we headed to Pyramid Shopping Centre for a lunner!
Walked around and decided on Manhattan Fish Market.
It wasn’t a bad choice after all.
The stuff were dirt cheap!
Very very worthwhile!
Why? Cos even Tengy and Jaspi couldn’t even finished their SHARED portion.
So you can imagine. :D

We had fun with plates and glasses!

And prawns too!

Thanks Tengy for the treat!!
It was raining cats and dogs that night.
But since we had free tickets for Eye On Malaysia, off we went.
And bad idea it was.
The jam was bad. 1 hour! :S
The rain sucks.
Couldn’t even see much scenery.
Most importantly, the eye was PATHETIC!
So small. Like a ferris wheel. Sigh.
But we had fun la.
Popcorns, laughing and trying to shake the capsule badly was uber funny!


Before we head up!

So tell me, who’s the luckiest of them all? :P

We created fun ourselves!

And a group photo for the day!

And for the first time in life.
We can’t wait to get off!

After that, we headed to Jalan Petaling, also known as Chinatown.
IT was a land of fakos!
Just like Shanghai’s long-gone Xiang Yang Street!
And Hong Kong’s Nu Ren Jie!
Nothing much to get, nothing much to buy too.
Got ourselves drenched even more!
Went back, and off went Shishi, Evie and Me to explore and find the swimming pool.
We had fun screaming on the way there cos it was pretty pitch black and all.

We left without Jaspi and Tengy cos they were sleeping.
But when we came back, they were gone.
They came back moments later with LOADS of KFCs.
But by then, we were too shagged and all of us were falling into deep slumber…


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