Sunway Fun Part III!

Woke up early in the morning cos there were still gifts we haven’t gotten.
Hoping to get them all before 12pm!
Cos we were supposed to be the lobby by 1245pm!

So off we went.
And this time round, Jaspi and Tengy came along.
And they finally got some shopping done!


So it was all happy.
And before I left, I went to Dunkin Donuts.
Hoping to get some donuts for Jingie and for the trip back, in case we were hungry.

By then, we were running a little late, say 1230pm.
Tengy and Jaspi already left us at 1215pm.
But we got an urgent call from Tengy saying that we were supposed to be at the lobby at 12pm!
And the mini van was about to leave without us!
We ran back to hotel room, luckily Evie, me and Shishi packed beforehand, so we just grab and go..
All in a mess btw.
And went up the mini van back to the depot.

It was pretty silly cos we had to wait 2 to 3 hours before we can get on the big bus.

And we drove ourselves nuts by eating donuts, drinking, and playing Uno.

Really waste time leh.
Could have shopped more.

Finally the big bus came, and Evie and me spent the time talking while Shishi and the rest slept.
However, at around 7 plus, there was a huge jam on the expressway.
It was crazy, cos the bus didn’t even move for close to 45mins!

So we went crazy on the bus.

And when we went past the accident scene, we saw a black charred car, and as according to Jaspi or Evie..
The person was dead, like chaoda black!
Aiyo. Quite sad though.
Finally reached Golden Hill at.. 11plus?
Wanted to join Shishi, Tengy and Jaspi for supper.
But Mom came along, so Evie and me had to leave. :(

Last photo of the trip!


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