Sunway Fun Part II of 2!

After Sunway Lagoon Theme Park…
We were all set for the Hotel Room..
Washed up.. and out we went for Dinner.
Took a pretty long time to decide what’s for dinner…
And we ended up in Kenny Rogers.
Yummy home-made muffins!

After which, we broke up, Shishi, me and Evie went shopping..
While Tengy and Jaspi went to get Shishi’s cake and go back to rest..
Jaspi was having backaches…
Going theme park before shopping is enough cause shagness for the whole day!
But who cares, we still went shopping.
And Evie was again, the one who got the most things.
See I have evidence. :D

Then we went to Friendster cafe to chill a while before heading back to the hotel..
Just nice, for Shishi to have her surprise.
On the way back, we took more photos to delay time.

We insisted Shishi to open the door.
But funny thing was.. the door couldn’t bulge.
So Shishi tried again..
And this time round, the door opened by itself.
Pitch black inside.
She started screaming and ran in. -_-
Threw herself on the bed and use her comforter to cover herself.
Lol so cute.
But it was understandable after Tengy told us about haunted hotels and all.

Hehe, and that was when.. Tengy asked, “Did you see the cake?”
Then Shishi came out of the covers and started screaming again. -_-

Happy 19th Birthday dear girl! :D

As Jaspi was feeling much better after the rest..
We decided to head out for supper!
Actually, supper was the only time, I finally felt we were on a holiday!
Cheap food, yummy food, and nice company!
We had stingrays, ee-mian, satays, and some other things which I really can’t recall.
Most importantly, Shishi loved it!
So that’s what most important!

Then we went walking around again :)
Brought Tengy and Jaspi to explore the rest of the hotel.

The exterior of 5-star hotel. Not ours though. :(

The interior of 5-star hotel. Super pretty!

Our Xie Zhen Ji :P Tengy’s idea!

More Xie Zhen Jis..

Shishi with the teddy from me and Evie..
And by now, we were all tired…


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