Sunway Fun Part II of 1!

Woke up early in the morning…
Dragged ourselves down for breakfast.
A 4-star hotel breakfast is really very different.
Not really like super duper marvellous as compared to European countries.. But well, its not too bad for a good start!

We were all dressed up and ready for Sunway Lagoon.
Though it was still drizzling very bad..
After alot of Tong Long Si Keks and all…

A picture with the RGIF tag they gave us before we went in!

Haha, we played this funny slide thing where all of us were supposed to go down together!
But before everyone was sitting properly, I went down first!
So sad, I think Jaspi came in first though. Lol.
Cos of all the water rides and light drizzle, we were drenched, wet and cold.
So we went on this ride… Which felt like a dryer.
Cos when we went on, we were all wet, and when we came off..
We were all dry.

Not much photos of the slides and rides we played cos they were water games and kinda hard to take photo..
But we managed to take photos of one!

One very… torturous one.

While waiting for the guys to come along after depositing our belongings at the lockers…
Shishi and I decided to go on it on our own..
It was ok, cos there were alot of people, and the ship came down pretty fast..
But… the best is yet to be.

The guys came by and took it on their own as well.
But they are fine cos one side of the ship is heavier than the other side.

When we went on it the third time as a group.
Cos firstly, the weight was just nice on both side of the pirate ship.
So it was up in mid air for a long time. Btw, we were upside down.
Omg, that puky, brain gushed with blood feeling SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!
When it finally came down on the other side… All my mucus came out.
It wasn’t those dirty kind.. It felt like WATER.
And Jaspi happily commented, “EH your mucus flowing out!”
LOL. Quite funny, but yeah, the thing was terrible.

We survived.. though a bit groggy.
Especially for Jaspi and Tengy cos the thing was very tight, and their chest aint exactly very small.
It was painful for Evie too, cos something was stuck near his tummy.

Anyhow, cos it was raining, so the roller coasters weren’t open!
And we waited..

And gave up.

So off we went to take the TEAPOT, the so-called harmless ‘family’ ride.
Haiyo, tell you ah, it was enough to make me die of giddiness.
Actually, it seriously look really harmless.
Especially when we first went on it..
Then Tengy turned and saw other teapots going faster..
And the 3 guys were turning the thing in the middle..
So we wondered, and we tried turning.
And OMG! It went faster and faster…
And stupid Tengy the muscleman didnt wanna stop turning.

Luckily it was only nearing the end when Tengy discovered this, else I think, the Teacup wouldn’t be a ‘family’ ride after all.

More photos just before we left the park.

They insisted I look like the orang-utan.

On the Escalator..

Actually, by this time, we were pretty dry.
So, Shishi only wanted to take the photo on the slide…


But… she slipped… check out her surprised face.


As for me, I didn’t really care..

More photos at the Tsunami area!

Attempts of jumping..

And kicking.

Hoho! Spot us!

The mini haven!

Bye bye Sunway Lagoon Theme Park!


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