It’s OVER!

It’s over.
It wasn’t exactly my best paper.
But whatever, shall cross my fingers and tong long si kek and pray!
Yay to blogging again. :D

Some things we did while studying for CS3240.. Lol

Anyhow! Jaspi, Evie and I went to Ikea after the paper.
But Jaspi left early while me and Evie ate Meatballs.
Full like mad.
Headed to my house after that..
To try on the contacts cos no specs allowed in Sunway.

And as usual..

And.. someone found my aviators.

Then.. someone found the specs I bought in Vietnam..

Someone started disturbing me while I was cleaning the contacts cases.

Woke up this morning, thinking that my flu should have fully recovered.
Who knows. Got worse.
Had a throbbing headache with it as well.
Was supposed to meet Evie at 230pm.
But that guy got held up at the salon.
Hanged out around Bugis on my own till 4pm before he came and joined me.

Got some eyebrow package from Jean Yip.
That did a damage of $65 already.
Then met Evie on the train to go to Orchard since there was absolutely nothing at Bugis.

Ate at Soup Spoon! :D
Lovely Velvety Mushroom!
Saw Joachim and his girl.
After which, headed to Heerens.
I basically didn’t get anything but Evie did.
As usual. Haha.
His twin, Eric came by later after his internship.
Actually, Evie look quite like him after the highlight, and that was a little scary.
Hehe. But when Eric came along, nope, as I found myself playing “Spot the Difference” game!
You can decide for yourself..

He was pretty different from Evie.
The way he talks and all, and he is more lame than Evie.
But anyhow, I liked shopping with them cos they made me laugh quite a bit.
And thanks, both of them agreed I had bad fashion sense.

Went back to Bugis in the end, cos Eric was looking for his jeans.
And for the first time, I ate at Sakae.
AND yes, I ate raw Salmon, something which I detest quite alot.
But … hey! It tastes nice. :D

A nice day it is. :D
Thanks for the company!
Can’t wait for tmr to come.
Evie’s staying over!


3 responses to “It’s OVER!

  1. so glad to see you so happy… :)

  2. wow, ur pictures so bissful, dun forget me when u are in it. hehe=)

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