Somethin’ missing in my life..

Anyhow, urs truly got a new phone!
Nokia 5610!
And it rocks.
Super nice interface.
3.2 Megapixel Cam = love = narcissim :D

Back in school on Saturday.
Daddy fetched! :)

Stoned in Discussion Room 1 for a very long time.
Completed 02 finally.
Took 3 days man.
But let’s just hope it pays off. :S
Shishi came by and passed me the Microsoft Office 07 CD!
Only nice thing that happened on Sat was that…
We finally got to eat the steamboat from Sichuan store at Arts! (:
Went home at 10.
Installed Office 07 and kudos to Microsoft.
Saved me alot of clicking here and there with their new contextual menus. :D
Yay to new Outlook as well!

Spent the night webcamming. Oops!

Evie came over on Sunday to study.
Popped Tengy’s popcorn.
This time round, even more unsuccessful.
One whole layer CHAOTA! :S
Momsie and Dad were very nice.
They accompanied both of us at home.
So guai! They didn’t even go pa tuo even though it was Sunday!
Went down to Golden Landmark for steamboat dinner!
I have no idea why but Evie was laughing half of the time while I was cooking.
Sigh. Very funny meh?

Studying lately has not been productive.
Kinda lost that “touch” I had last week.
Bishan Library was infested with NUS students.
“NUS students are here cos there’s absolutely no space in school.” – Evie
LOL. That’s pretty true.

That’s how boring 40 is. :S

Scribbling on Evie’s notes asking him to go highlight hair with me.
Such a bad gf.

Apparently, someone is also going mad studying.

This week, I kinda lost that touch.
In fact, I lost it so much that I dragged Evie to my friend’s salon.
We left Bishan Library at 3.30pm and only left the salon at 7.30pm.
My chem engine friend, Weibin just opened a salon.
He’s having 20% off now.. so go go support ok!
246 Lorong Chuan, Chuan Park
Just helping him publicise a little.
Hehe. New highlights for me, and new style for Evie!

He said I look like a xiao hun hun. :S

This morning, I was studying 03.
But halfway through, I have no idea what I was studying.
We moved like 3 places. :(
Cos I couldn’t find somewhere that I could study properly.
Poor Evie was running a fever too. :(
So shoo-ed him home while I went home.
Dad was pretty surprised I was home early today.
But in fact, I’m very tired myself as well.
Exams are starting in 2 days. AH!
All the best people! ♥


2 responses to “Somethin’ missing in my life..

  1. how do you look pretty during the exams.. i’ll always look dishevelled!!

  2. haha… where got pretty? will you be in sg for your 21st? :D

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