Random Update..

Despite being so tied down by exams revision and prep..
I guess I can never forget about blogging.
So much to blog for…

A week before, we actually went to Swensens to eat..
And hehe, the Crayfish pasta that Evie ordered was marvellous..
I sticked to yucky Chicken Baked Rice that did not taste any special..
Ordered 2 sundaes cos they were having 1-for-1 at Holland V’s Swensens.
Eat until ba-ba!

And on Wednesday… I met up with the bestie for dinner! Haven’t seen her in ages..
Had a hard time deciding what to eat as usual, cos it was “Anything, anything!” Lol..
Hehe, we headed into Pastamania… and that silly girl ordered Creamy Chicken, again, almost all the time. :X
It was Al Fungi for me.. :) Creamy Mushrooms are love!
Then headed into Swensens again, for Sundaes. I had my Cookies and Cream..
Lol, it was hard to drag ourselves out, feeling that bloated.
Anyhow, that silly girl treated me :D Thanks!
Accompanied her to Popular where she got pressies for her top students!
I was telling her, I love teaching cos can put stickers.. anything else. Nope!
Cos I’m never patient.

On Thursday, it was such a terrible day.
We had our CS3240 demonstration, and Evie had not managed to complete the functionalities required.
Very scary, but apparently, Dr Jack was pretty alright. He understood our constraints.
So was Ms Guo, and Ms Yang was definitely nice considering Jaspi and I got her as our tutor for CS1105 previously.
In the afternoon, we had CS2103 demonstration.. which we were pretty freaked out about.
No idea what they were going to ask, and they gave us all an impression that it will be a “Screw-You” session.
But… we did well, in fact very well. So phew on that!
After that, stayed around to talk to Ziqi about First Meta Internship.
Hehe, we couldn’t take it anymore, and off I went with Evie to Vivocity to catch a movie..
The poor boy was about half mad due to the lack of sleep and rest and stress…
We were deciding btw Bee and Doraemon the Movie..
And guess, being fans of Doraemon.. It’s without a doubt, Doraemon for us.

I really like PiiSuke alot! :D Damn cute.
And it was nice. Seriously. All those childhood memories came flowing back..
After the show, we sat outside Vivocity to stone and busk in the sunset before deciding it was time for dinner.
Both of us were craving for the steamboat at Suntec, so off we went on 97 there.
But sigh, terrible jam, and we only reached at 8pm.
The steamboat was still around, but nah.. expensive..
And we went to the restaurants surrounding the fountain.
But Country Manna wasn’t around anymore, and after walking 2 rounds, we decided on Surf’N’Turf!
Tried their mushroom soup, deep fried calamari and seafood baked rice. It rocks!

Evie in Surf’N’Turf.

On Tuesday, Evie had to rush for CS3240 again, cos the official “Hand-Up-Your-CD or else DIE”.
I was mugging in school with Shishi… till about 4pm before she left to find her bf..
While I continued to mug till 5pm.
Sigh. Its terrible mugging alone. Especially when it was raining and it was so cold.
Anyhow, I left at 530pm to find Evie :)
We ended up in Ritz Apple Strudel at Thomson..
Yummy Durian Strudel but yucky Chicken Chop and Dory Fillet! :S
Studied till 9pm and went to Thomson Plaza to get a drink.
Who knows, by the time we came out, it was raining dogs and cats and I had to wait till 10pm before I could head home.
Still, I got wet. Oh well.
Mom came to the bus stop to pick me, so touched! :D

Yesterday, Evie was still rushing through the Flash Demo and we only left for school at 1pm.
Handed it up to Dr Jack, and I think it was a sigh of relief for Evie especially.
Really thankful and grateful for all he’s done. He actually did it all by himself.
The few of us only helped him while we can.
Met Jaspi to get pressies from Tengy.. thanks! :D
Came home at around 10, and went to try the pressie..
Freaking cool! It’s like a popcorn popper, in a different form!
Not those bag form that 7-11 sells..




Leftovers.. reminds me of Jaspi =x

Today, left house at 1030am for school….
Evie came by to surprise me, but was lost around my area.. I had to go find him.
Lol. Funny, but anyhow, he got me cupcakes :D So sweet.
Sat down at J8 NTUC while waiting for Ding Tai Fung to open.
Sigh, all our photos are like taken around NTUC area. So funny. :P
The last time we took photo was when we just finished S@S Official Launch and it was there too.

Evie and Cupcake!


Hehe, had Xiao Long Baos and the nice lamian soup :D
Die ah, if I continue eating at this rate ah.. I don’t know what will happen! SHIT!
In the end, we decided not to go to school and used the 2 hours travelling time for something better…
LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It’s super nice! All those singing.. hehe, its another High School Musical!
Go go catch it!

Study study study!

Ah, anyhow, ate Pepper Lunch after the movie and…
I’m super shagged now…
So time to sleep!

Can’t wait for exams to end really.
Cos Evie, Jaspi, Tengy, Shishi and myself, we are heading to Sunway Lagoon! YAY!
Too bad Jingie and CX can’t join us :(
Starting internship on the 10th at Elecom Marketing with Evie..
And Jasie’s coming back on 23rd!
It will be a meaningful Christmas this year.


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