You made my day so easily.

Jo; says (2:45 PM):
No longer boony twins!
jasmine says (2.46PM):
haha FATTY twins!
Jo; says (2.46PM):

Omg, still can’t believe we can read each other’s mind after so long of being apart. That’s why they say, best friends are forever.
Anyhow, last night, I was feeling really down for no reason, so I set my nick early this morning to: “I miss you Jasie”. And guess who came online minutes later? Jasie Ong!!

She’s coming back on 23rd Dec so I guess the RGS and RI RCY can meet up soon since Annie’s coming back as well! Anyhow, after complaining to her about the problems we have during projects, I felt much much better. Thanks babe for understanding. What’s most funny is…after telling her about Evie, we realised we have the same taste in bfs. LOL!! So qiao la, the age diff is so close! Love you babe. Can’t wait to see you soon.


4 responses to “You made my day so easily.

  1. i realised i haven’t tagged for a long time. so here i shall.. realised how long i haven’t kept up to date with ur entries cause somehow they never get posted when i tag. heh. anyway just wanna say that your new haircut reminds me of the first 3 months days. similar. actually i think you shldn’t have snapped it off! the 2 long strands. next. i wanna ask: are you and evan (hope i didn’t get his name wrong) together? third, just looking at your entries make me miss home and you! catch up when i return!! forth. know where i can get those cupcakes? (ur friend’s bday entry) would really loved to have them when i return. finally. take care and keep in touch!!

  2. Hello babe! :) Hahaha, yeah I know… the 1st 3 months hairstyle sucksSSss!! But its good in a way people are saying that I look younger. LOL hope they are not just trying to make me happy or sth lol. Anyhow, the 2 long strands were irritating me pretty badly and I had a formal event the next day, so had to chop it off. Hehe, yup, we are together, and nope you did not get his name wrong :) Hehe, I miss you too dear! The cupcakes are from Prima Deli, they cost $6plus in total. :) KEEP IN TOUCH AND YOU TAKE CARE TOO! LOVE YA!

  3. thanks!! heh. tried to access password blocked post. just wanna ask if i can read it. if can’t its ok one. you don’t have to feel obliged. :)

  4. hehe… not all the passwords are the same, will give you one of them when i see you online :)

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