Monsoon Hairshow

What a blast indeed. Reported at 11.30am. Waited till 2.00pm before I had the first rehearsal and silly me wore the wrong shoes! Sigh! That was the worst shoes to wear for runway!

Anyhow, it was fun, with the girls! Met really nice girls there, had fun laughing over our hideous red hair and getting worried about how we will all look like in the end. :) Purple, Ashley, Sarah, Cindy, Charlene, Sharon and those ladies from New Paper New Face 2007 and I Wanna Be A Model (Malaysia) etc :)

Preparing for runway was bad. We finished at 630p.m. Had to rush through makeup, hair, nails and attire! Bad bad.. Let’s just say the whole coordination was bad la.. Saw Danny from MSW there though.

Lynn Poh, Mark Lee, Rayson Tan, Candice, Rebecca Lin, Superhost winner, Darren, Quan Yifeng, Desmond Koh and Michelle Chia came by to be styled in the celebrities segment. Saw many others too. Cool. But they do look pretty plain without makeup actually.

Anyhow! Photos! Just wanted to thank Jingie, Shishi, Maurice and Evie for coming down to support :) Despite standing there for 2 hours like a silly fool.. Thank you for being there!

Nails for the evening, hate acrylic nails. Hard to do things, even go pee was hard.

Hair-cut models for the night! (Hair before)

The stage! The space around was so small. No idea how the audience tahan-ed standing there for 2 hours since 8pm. The show started only at 10. -_-

Addy Lee at work! :) He’s nice la, very professional.

The finishing result! :) Don’t ask me why I was white that evening. Even Jingie commented that I was fair-er than her for once. Sigh!

Maurice, Me, Shishi and Jingie! Shishi and Jingie look damn good that evening! :D

Who else but my pillar of support :)

The few of them managed to catch Mark Lee for a photo!

Now, waiting for Maurice’s photos :) Went back to Monsoon the next day after Official Launch to get my hair back to its original shade and to chop that two long strands away. I feel like I’m back to P School again. Hiaks. But, no long hair, no more damaged hair, it does feel good after a while :D

Had some time to take photos before we headed down for Official Launch at Singtel ComCentre :)

Evie :)

This was before. I chopped a bit of the two long strands away before I went to school actually.

After going to Monsoon! Supposed to look more bowl shaped, but I can’t stand it, so yup, hehe.


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