Addy Lee! :D

Been having lack of sleep lately.. Sigh! Sleeping late, waking up early is no joke. I almost fell off the chair during the dry run today while having a quick nap.

In school with Maurice and Evie before we left for Monsoon..

I’m going to be involved in a hair show this Sunday.. And so, I reported to Monsoon Novena yesterday for a haircut.Anyhow, I thought it was just going to be cut by students.. but guess who came and touch my hair… ADDY LEE! OMG! This is like wow.. cos, I never thought my hair would ever be cut by a celebrity hairstylist. Anyway, he was fast.. tied my pony tail and chopped it off in seconds. So now I have well, kinda short hair. With nice highlights too. I will be his on stage model on Sunday as well.. He’s going to cut on the spot. Excited! But that wasn’t the main thing that made me really happy.. I was really happy cos I finally told my parents about Evie, and phew, feeling damn relaxed nowadays. So that’s good, and yup, he’s gonna join us tmr for dinner so yay! :)

With my new hair! :)

Hai, just came home from Kickboxing at Toa Payoh CC, damn freaking tired, kick until my knee wanna lan. Have a feeling that I’m going to start aching tomorrow, considering the fact I haven’t exercised in ages! Went to collect the developed photos, and yay, more photos in the album. As I look through the photos, I realised, the TSKs really went back a long way to come to where we are today.. and something I always held close to my heart, ‘Not the quantity of time, but the quality’. :) We became really close friends very fast, cos we simply clique and enjoy one another’s company. And I really thank God for that, for giving me a bunch of wonderful friends.

Went shopping at Orchard today as well, after the dry run, and we passed by this new shop called “Cotton On” while looking for a new pair of shoes for myself.. I really love the shop! Their stuff are so darn cheap! Bought a pair of shorts at only $19.95! :D Ended up didn’t get my shoes in the end, as usual, being the fussy me, I take very long to find a very nice pair of shoes for myself.

Next week’s Start-Up@Singapore 2008 official launch and CEO Unplugged, lets just hope everything goes well smoothly! :D Loads of things to settle next week.. give me strength and luck. Eww, feeling darn sticky now, shall go bathe. Cheers and have a nice week ahead people!

CX came down on Tuesday :D


2 responses to “Addy Lee! :D

  1. nice colour! (:

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