Happy Birthday Raymond!

Finally got my High School Musical 2 OST! :D:D
Love it! Sharing one of my favourite songs inside.

Anyhow, Evie, CX and me celebrated Raymond’s birthday today, even though his birthday’s tmr.. Woke up at 930am and went out at 1015am to get Raymond’s cake and presents :) Met Evie at 11, and went off to school! Raymond was waiting for us at Megabites when we arrived. Being Mr Nice Guy as usual, he treated us to Chicken Chop! Yummy albeit fattening!

Chit-chatted, sang a bday song for him and off we went to some nearby Science toilet so that Raymond can try on his new clothes :D And while waiting we took quite alot of photos. After which, we headed to COM1 to find Jackie, only to know that he was at Business. By then, it was already 2pm and Evie and me left for CS3240 lecture.

CX and Raymond

Mr Birthday Boy!

Birthday Cupcakes!

Wishing upon a star!

Blowing the candle..

Raymond with his 1st pressie

The two guys

Raymond with his 2nd pressie, nope not CX :P

Raymond with his 3rd pressie, nope not me either :P

Four of us!

Twinie and me!

The three of them!

With Jackie!

In the evening, we bummed around before heading to Toa Payoh for Evie to get his business suit custom made. Man, its expensive larhs. $200 bucks. Siaoness. But ok la, the shop owner was rather sincere so yup. Let’s just hope it turns out fine. Sigh, I’m starting to get so busy, especially with all the official launch and whatsoever going on next week! :S

There’s still hair show preparation tomorrow. Hope they don’t cut some stupid looking hair or I will be so darn paiseh! Ah. IThe hairshow will be at St James Powerhouse this Sunday from 8pm, it’s for Singapore Fashion Week under Monsoon Academy ;)


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