Bingo International Conference, Hanoi

Hello I’m back!

Day 1
Went for SSB in the morning, took the car. Fetched Evie and Jaspi, headed to Clementi for breakfast, then went to NUS to get Shishi’s luggage before heading for class. After SSB, we went to s11 Bishan for lunch. Shishi came to my house, looked at Pom Pom and my hammie while I bathed. Then off we went to Airport, early. :) We officially reached Hanoi at 640pm. Love the place! :) Took the bus, and headed to the hotel. Cameilia was a little disappointing at first, but after a while, we began loving the small little place we had, cozy and comfortable :) We went out at 1040 after settling down for some fish paste thing :) Super nice! Serious! And darn cheap too. $1.50 only!

Day 2
Company visit at Hapro, one of Vietnam’s largest Supermarket! Woke up darn early despite sleeping late the previous night thanks to Evie.. hai.. Yeah, anyhow, was really fun, eating nice food, playing with funny hats, and talking to people. I really like the Bingo people, they are really friendly and easy to talk to. After that, we headed to the shopping centre, Vincom, nothing much so me and Shishi chilled at Gloria Jeans after walking around. Waited for Anh and others. Mai brought the girls to shopping, but it started to rain and so off we went for massage! Coolness. Massage + full manicure + full pedicure only cost $35.20 singapore dollars! :D Had a really great time, went to wash hair before going back, at $3 only! :D That’s Day 2 for you!

Day 3
Conference day! Woke up really early. I had an NUS presentation to do, was a little nervous, but I guess it went on fine in the end :) I guess I’m getting over the fear of speaking in public, but nope, not in interviews yet. Sigh! Yup, met alot of people, networked and then at night, we decided not to go with the rest, wanted to go to Night Market. So in the end, Shishi and me, took the cab and went off shopping by ourselves! :D We even walked back to the hotel ourselves, with the map! :D Hehe, so proud of ourselves, we even screamed at the same time when we realised we are on the right street :D Love that silly girl! They had MUTV, and so she was so super happy watching Man United vs no-idea-who, they got 4 goals in, so you can imagine my ears. Had a nice night before going to sleep.

Day 4
Woke up early, but some people who promised to bring us out didn’t in the end. How pissifying. Whatever la, so off we went again, armed with maps, and went out by ourselves, but we had no $ to go home! Omg, that was really scary, so we were approaching any caucasians that came along to get USD in smaller denominations, as Shirley only had US$50 and if she buys items, she will get them back in Vietnam currency and it was the last day and she didn’t want it. It was Sunday and there was no $ changer around. So ended up we found a pub, went in and got some US currency. It was a US pub btw that’s why. Lol ;) And so off we went to Church Street with that $ :) Had another hair wash before heading back to the hotel to chill and go out for lunch! Hiaks. Had a really nice Pho (Beef Noodle)! On the way to airport, I drank too much water and was on the verge of bursting on the bus, 1 hour journey, you can imagine. Shishi was laughing all the way cos I was sitting so straight up. Reached the airport and off I dashed to the toilet! :P

Yup, and so that’s basically summarises the trip. Actually there’s more that goes on along the way, but I’m so super tired and busy now.. with so many things to do..! AH!

Ok shan’t talk anymore. Enjoy the slide!


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