Lantern Festival!

What a recess week. Didn’t exactly feel like one. Sigh, still got CS3240 to complete. Stressed.

Anyhow, let’s blog about Lantern Festival on 25th Sept! Went back to school early in the morning to do CS2102 project, only managed to complete it at 3pm. Sigh! :S Stupid zones was a freaking big headache! Shishi, Evie and me continued to do some work and left school at 4pm to meet CX. While waiting for that da xiao jie who was 20minutes late, we took photos..

Shishi and me

Evie and me

Arrival of Da Xiao Jie!

Off we left for Bishan Swimming Complex.. it was also Shishi’s first time around Bishan :D Great experience I must say.. had alot of fun trying to make fun of Evie and I figured out how to swim… UNDERWATER! Really! I have evidence!

The Girleighs! :)

Evidence of me underwater!

After which, we headed to meet Jing, cos got an sms from Jaspi that Tengy and him will be.. an hour late.. ended up the two of them were almost 2 hours late.. thanks lo. -_- Whatever, brought Shishi and CX to drink my favourite bubble tea :) Treated all 4 of them, and as usual, Evie couldn’t decide on anything cos he’s such a health freak.. And while waiting for the 5 cups of bubble tea….

He took photos!

Anyway… then we headed to the Ai Xin Mian Bao food court to eat, had a lot of fun laughing and all. Felt so good for once :) And then we walked to Bishan Park, the area near Jing’s house. Had a hard time trying to light candles cos of the silly wind, and for once, let’s just say, battery-operated lanterns were better. Lighted them up, but Jing had not enough sticks so.. lol we had to hold one lantern on our hand!


And the wind blew… and blew that lantern off our hands… Evie saved it and that became his lantern..

Nothing much to blog about from this point onwards, cos its really hard to put the happiness, laughter and joy we had down in words. Let the photos do the talking..

After a while, we started playing with sparklers, and I started sticking them into the ground.. but some ass stepped on it.. *glares at Evie* and we had… stunted and funny odd shaped sparklers. Jing laughed like mad about them, so did Shishi and CX..

Finally the two VIP came..

Another lantern caught fire! :'(

My battery operated lantern..

And guess who we saw..


The batt was a little cranky, so we improvised..

Old school bubbles!


We walked to the place with spider web and swings! It was a nice place, with memories which I think only Jing and Jasie will know..

Having fun on the Spider Web and slides!

Anyhow, here’s the girls wishing you a wonderful Lantern Festival!


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