Daddy’s Birthday!

Last week was my dad’s bday as well! :)
So brought them to Fish and Co. to celebrate! :D

Baked Salmon with Cream Mushroom

Coriander Catch, my mom’s

Black Pepper Stingray, my dad’s

Too bad I didn’t have my camera with me, else will take even more photos :) Been long since I have been out at a family outing like this. Did feel really good. :) Just hope Dad had a nice bday anyway. Yup, imagine the amount of weight I have piled on that week alone. SIGH!

Busy busy. S@S is starting to go full blast with the Official Launch and CEO Unplugged that’s coming up. And what’s my job? Press releases on and blog entries on SgEntreprenurs.Com. Sigh! :( Hate writing in that way, but I guess its good practice for me since I’m going to do New Media later in the semesters.

It’s going to be recess week this coming week. But, somehow I don’t really feel like its recess as usual. With about 7 projects waiting to be completed. It’s more like PROJECT week. Sigh! Feeling a little lost in CS2103 already, there are so many ways to do it, that, I’m so lost as to what’s the right one. Need some luck to pull through that as well. CS2102 is fine, so is CS3240. GEM2901 is fine either. SSB2216 was never started anyway. So, I have no idea. Need to sit down sometime this week and read as well. Don’t want my stuff to pile up again like last time. Ended up I had to read 13 chapters before the exam. That’s like OMG!!

Ah. Hanoi trip coming up too. We didn’t manage to get the sponsorship. Oh well. But I’m excited, cos going with Shishi :) Going to take alot of photos. Moreover, its a place which I have never been to! Ah! Can’t wait :D Till then, let’s hope I pull through all midterms safely and with confidence. :S


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