Happy Birthday Tengy!

On Sat, I managed to convince my dad to allow me to take the car out! :) So off I left house at 1115am, fetch my mom to work. Reached Jing’s area at 1130am, but I only told Jaspi and Jingie to come down at 1145am, so off I went to Evie’s area to pick him up. Came back to Jingie’s area and picked the other two and off we went to Little India!

Got the Flower Chain? I don’t know what it is called for Tengy.. :)

Haha, we wanted to put it on for him when he comes out of the Arrival Hall :X Then we went Mustafa to walk around while waiting for Jackson who was coming by to get the camera from Evie. That guy was so late, and ended up I had to speed my way to Changi Airport. So super stressed cos I didn’t really know the way… ended up I asked my dad and he said I went by the longest way.. ZZZ. Whatever. We got there safely, and Jaspi alighted first to make sure Tengy’s flight has not touched down while Jingie, Evie and me went to Carpark 2A to park the car. When we reached, Tengy’s flight showed “Landed” and from Jaspi’s experience, it is only when the green baggage thing stops moving, that’s when Tengy will come out. :)

And so while waiting, we took photos!

Oh yeah, I sew this banner.. the night before, almost went nuts sewing the E and G! :S Nice right! Haha, so pink, suits Tengy! LOL Even his mom thinks its nice, his sis said it would be nice if he puts it up in the room :X

Oh and finally.. the birthday boy’s out! :D

And wow, so many Chiobus! :D

And more here.. LOL jk :X

Tengy went to replace his nametag and while waiting, we saw even more eyecandies! Hiak. And then off we went to Tengy’s house! :D Sped my way back again.. Lol.. 100km/hr! Hoho! Tengy’s house was super huge la.. big and cozy. His rabbits were cute! Mao mao and Xiao Hui! Xiao Hui looks like another big Pom Pom.

Mao Mao!

Xiao Hui!

Waited for his sister who was bringing back a cake. Presented Tengy with his pressie! A Nike Bottle and a Puma Shirt from CX, Jingie, Evie and me :) He wore it immed that very day.. oh and Puma Sneakers that changed colour with different temperatures from Jaspi himself :) Pics later.. anyway, after a while, his sister came by with the cake…

He seems to like the flower chain, hehe :P

After which, I drove the car back and then we went for karoke! After a very long time! :) Indeed therapeutic! :)

Here you go, the birthday boy with his new shirt and shoes! Haha, welcome Puma-Convert! :X

After that, we headed to J8 where we had a hard time deciding where to eat, so Jaspi and Evie said, go with the one with the shortest queue and that’s Pizza Hut! So yay to Cheese Fondue and some Ocean pizza. Yummy! Oh and honey roasted wings too!

Apparently someone else in there was having their birthday too and they played the music, so I requested for a birthday surprise for Tengy as well.. and woohoo, free cheesecake with blueberry. YUMMY!

Ending here with some photos of the birthday boy!
Once again, Happy 25th Tengy! :D:D


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