Hehe.. I’m old..

Whee. What a week! :) Let’s blog.

Lecture ended at 9pm. Was finding it odd cos Jaspi and Evie suddenly complained of stomachache together. So off we went to University Hall. The two of them tried all means to get me to go into the girls’ toilet. Actually I’m scared cos one of the toilet says “OUT OF ORDER!” I could guess what they were going to do, either spring out of that out of order toilet or just scare me altogether. But.. one thing that caught me by surprise, was who came down.. Cos it was already really late.. A very pleasant surprise…

Jingie, CX, Shishi, TY, Jackie, Raymond, Evie and Jaspi. :) Thanks people for the surprise, the delicious cupcakes and the pressies. :) Really. Was very touched then, my tears were welling up in my eyes, but held it back. Then after that, took some photos and went off to Breko at Holland V where I gave them a treat :D Went home at 11plus. Got calls from Yanguang and Rich :) Super shagged, rushed through my CS3240 tutorial.

Next day, my official birth-day.. 12th Sept. Sadly, I still had to go back to school for lecture. Evie had tummyache so only Jaspi sat through the darn lecture with me. After that, Shishi came by to pass me the pressie and off we went to Orchard with YG. I had no idea what was going on, so I assumed, just dinner and all :) Jaspi had to get his black pants so we hanged around Robinsons/John Little/OG to get it. And then off we went to Wheelock when he’s done. CX and TY were there at NYDC already when we reached. Ordered Lasagne, while the rest gotten some things like Mushroom Ham Rice, Three Amigos Rice, Roast Chicken, Destiny’s Child blahblah. Then CX said she wanted to go to the washroom and so off I went, saw cute badges and got some for myself. At that time, when we went back to NYDC, only YG was around and CX told me that Jing, TY and Jaspi left for home.. (What a lame reason!) And then YG suggested going for coffee! (Even more lame, after a filling meal.. coffee was the last thing anyone would have in mind!)

Ah, went downstairs and saw the three of them. Saw the delicious Bakerzinn cake and some twisties, smarties and whipped cream. HMM. The day before, I made a rather lame wish with the cake, so I was given the chance to make another wish. :D Blew the candle and cut the cake. That was when tekan-ing came in!

They started mixing Twisties, Smarties and MELTED whipped cream together.. EwWww! A pile of fats I must say. I had to take out 20 of them! Gosh! Obviously, Twisties were easy peasy. YG and Jaspi tried smashing my face with the plate, but phew, to no avail. :D Smarties were tough. I have a short tongue la. :S Anyway, then they gave me a break after seeing how gross melted whipped cream was and we ate the cake. Went up to Cedele for coffee (Seriously, these people are zai, big appetities.) Talked a while, caught up and then left for home at around 10pm.

Just wanted to thank all the TSKs, especially CX for putting together such a wonderful surprise for me :) Oh and definitely, all the pressies too :D:D This is one birthday I truly will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you!


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