Yet Another Crazy Week Ahead..

Monday sees me staying back in school for CS2103 project. And heh, got to eat free buffet! :D

Tuesday sees a long day, but Daddy dear was nice enough to fetch me, Evie and Jaspi home.

Wednesday sees me going to school for CS2103 project at 11am, my last FF session after 4pm with Jingie.

Thursday sees me having NOC interview, bad bad bad, then went back for SSB2216. CX came down to NUS to find us and get her things. She got me jelly beans to accompany me through my study sessions! Thanks dear :) After which, CX, Evie and me went down to Comex with Jingie, who got her lappie, an ISUS model, at only $1900. Woo! Maurice came by to join us. Met Jaspi at 714pm at Breadtalk Citylink. And off we went to eat Magic Wok! YUMMY! I love the pineapple rice! :D Then after that, I headed down to Victoria Bar for a casting.

Friday sees me waking up early in the morning for badminton and running. But since we were on 93, I asked to stop at IKEA for meatballs! :D So yup, off me and Evie went for meatballs! LOL. So impromptu larhs. Then off we went to NUS for badminton with Jaspi, who came by from gym. Siao lo, go to gym twice a week! :S Yeah, then had CS2103 project discussion again. Yay, everything is settled le. So phew! After which, Evie and me headed to Arts for early dinner before going to library to get some work done. Got an sms from Vikram telling us there’s S@S meeting tmr. There goes my Saturday! :(

Saturday sees me going to school at 10am for NES Induction Day, so yay, I’m an official member of the management committee. :) I’m in the Press Committee for Startup @ Singapore ( After which, met Jaspi, Jingie for Ritz Apple Strudels! Yummy. Had a nice meal of Grilled Dory and Durian Strudels! :D Then went down to J8 where Evie, Jaspi and me walked around looking for bags. After a while, we went up to arcade to chill. Had a great time letting go all the stress I had in the week. Never felt so good. But now, I see stacks of work in front of me, readings and text to be read. May the force be with me.

Just sharing a quote that inspired me today during the leadership training for S@S: Thank God Its Today.

I need loads of rest. :S

Now, you probably understand why I put the photo of my hair up in the previous post… cos this is my new hairstyle :D

Having fun with Little Miss Sunshines! :D


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