Seeing yourself looking ridiculous on TV is odd! And real funny too. Heng they cut out alot of funny looking parts.. and yes people, I won.. so means… I got loads of Brands now :S ANYWAY, school’s started, and I have got myself involved in much more activities this year and so.. I’m real busy :( No time for friends and family.. feel damn sad. Oh well!

I got into the Start-Up@Singapore Management Committee for Press so yay! :) I got two more interviews this coming Thurs, got my attire prepared already. Now, I can’t wait for it to come.. really hope I can get in man! :) Hai, nothing much to say, so much work, lagging behind, and loads of projects coming up.

May the force be with me. :S

I like this photo very much, cos I have never managed to keep my hair till this length before! :D

Oh yeah, just submitted a photo for some Best Friend competition.. help vote kaes! :D:D Click here! THANKS!


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