Marina Bay Challenge

Gotta blog before I forget things! Nono, I didn’t really take a hiatus actually. My laptop crashed in my own hands! Wanted to reformat it, but it hanged while reformatting halfway, and the next thing I know, it restarted and was stuck at the Windows Boot Manager screen, cos winload.exe was missing. Sigh. And just because I don’t have the PC Recovery Disc, it cost me a bomb to get it reloaded. $95! :S HP!!@#!

Whatever. Then how nice, my backup HDD just had to crash the next day. So on Friday, we went to the service centre for my HDD, hoping they can recover some data. Ended up they told me to go to EXPERTS to get it recovered at a price of $200 to $2000. SIAONESS! So I decided to approach Evie for data recovery and come back another day to get it replace since its’ spoilt. And it was only then I found out at the Royal Sporting House Warehouse which was next to the service centre that my newly bought sneakers were only going at $50! Gosh, that’s what’s more pissing can, a $30 difference. But anyway.. Evie and me headed to National Library to do the GEM2901 project and for the StompAids Marketing Competition that we intended to take part. In the process, Evie managed to save all my data inside. PHEW! :) So I brought him for a treat.. first at Ice Palace at Bugis, then at Summerhouse Donuts, then at Chin Chin Eating House.. and it was only then, I found out he’s the same dialect group too! LOL. So we started sharing alot of stupid lame jokes in Hainanese. :X Happy day..

And today, we went to Marina Bay Challenge! So fun! Nothing much to say for that, a 6km walk, with loads of photos, will upload when ready.. But we had something impromptu after the event ended. YG asked if we wanted to stay for Fireworks and so, Jing, Evie and me were very agreeable, called CX and she said it was fine too. :) Straight after the walk, we headed to Macdonalds for a rest, and some food. Got my Diva earrings too! Happy girl. Then we decided to stay on at Marina Square to watch 881. Damn nice show seriously. Really, very touching show. Love it. But beware, floodgates sensitive! Yup before that, we went to arcade, played Bishi Bashi, CRAZY TAXI (I really must beat Jasie and ShannonLing for this) while the guys played some caterpillar lame game, but it was quite funny looking at them play though. After the movie, we broke off, Jaspi and Tengyi went home, on the promise they will come back for fireworks… So me, Evie, and Jingie, went to Royal Sporting House where we spent loads of time trying to convince Evie to spend that $79, which he didnt, he has alot of perseverence. Jing got the shirt we got Chester, while I got a new Puma Wallet! HAPPY GIRL AGAIN! Walked around, went around looking for shirts/tops whatever. Marina Square was so super crowded. But I really enjoy shopping with Jingie and Evie! They are a fun bunch, at least, I don’t get to see pissed off faces… We made fun of Evie’s holes in the swim trunks finally.. about diarrhoea and all. Damn funny la, had alot of good laughs, really felt better after a week at school. After that, we decided to go for dinner, after getting a call/sms from Jaspi that they have dinner already.. and since Marina Square was full of queues, so pissed off seeing people around me, hate crowds so off we went to Millenia Walk. Haha, went Koufu and I made a fool out of myself, and it was quite funny cos everyone was like having some food rations or something!

Well, basically what happened was.. I went around looking for a stall with the shortest queue. Apparently, the one without any queue was the Cai Fan stall.. and next to it was the Western Food stall.. I saw 3 guys paying for their meals… and waiting to pay.. and I didn’t see any people behind them cos there was quite a huge gap. So I ordered my food. When they paid and left, and I turned… omg.. I saw a long queue for Western Food.. but apparently, everyone was too blur to notice except this guy wearing a green top.. but hell I was embarrassed, quickly paid for my food and went back to sit. Omg, this must be the best cut-queue-act-blur thing I have done in my life, and its my most embarrassing moment. Evie saw the whole scene and laughed like mad when I sat down.. told Jingie about it and had a good laugh too. As for the food rations part.. I think Koufu at Millenia Walk is actually not a very crowded place normally, its only cos there will be one last fireworks session tonight and everyone’s trying to avoid the crowd at Marina Square, that’s why its so bloody crowded. So that’s why, most stalls didn’t really stock up on their ingredients.. so as we go stall by stall, you see people asking questions like, “What is left” etc. And most amazing thing is… the desert stall only had HOT CHING TENG LEFT! And I thought that’s was the most horrible one.. and it only had that left! Lol… Can imagine how pathetic things are.. at Marina today!

Yanguang came at 830pm.. he actually reached City Hall at 720pm or so, and only managed to walked to Millenia by 830pm! Amazingly, he got nice food. So lucky him. CX wanted to come down from Holland V at 810pm but I told her to forget it cos she won’t be able to find us and we won’t be able to find her, same for Jaspi and Tengyi who wanted to come by at 820pm. So who was left for Fireworks were YG, Evie, Me and Jing.. talked about housing stuff etc before walking to Padang to watch the fireworks!

Hoho! What a nice and tiring day! Ended it on a good note, secured two interviews, one for some mingling session and one for NES. Hopefully.. let’s cross fingers! Daddy day tmr! :D


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