What A Busy Day!

Went back to school to get a feel of… school. YEAH RIGHT. Went back to school to get textbooks lar. Met a few people to sell/buy books. And met YG in the morning too.. cos… my dearest OG, Niko got me pressies! :D THANKS ALOT PEOPLE!

A plate with memories, and an organiser! xD

After which, headed to Arts Canteen for lunch.. but OMG it was so filled and the Yong Tau Foo stall had a REALLY LONG QUEUE! So off we went to Business Canteen… for our chicken rich as usual. Maurice and friend, Jeremy came by to join me, Shishi and Evie for lunch.. Then we went to Central Lib to read before heading down to meet Joseph to get texts. But omg, lets just say the bookshop is crowded as well. And how smart. Just because SoC is relocating, so are the new books. They are forever in transit and will only reach end of the week. So off the three of us went to Clementi bookstore, but to no avail. Aiya! Irritating can. We came back again, but this time round to Science bookshop, and we were told it would only be in tmr. Sigh. How smart. Ended up getting only my 2102 texts today. :S

Studied a while and then off we left at 530pm to AMK! Got my badminton racket and some wonderful stationeries so that I won’t be really bored during lecture! Nothing much to say.. just that.. what a long day tmr. Think I shall go sleep now..


2 responses to “What A Busy Day!

  1. woah, so many faces. choose smiley most of time ya. hahaha

  2. hehe! yeah i do.. but evan chooses ugly faces… :X

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