Ladeedum. Last Sunday.. :(

Ah, Friday sees the end of FOW.. but poor Cynthia got her thumb dislocated while playing captain ball… :( Had to accompany her to A and E. A real brave girl she is… Didnt even need painkillers when the person pushed it back! Eww. Anyway, I got to know that Rag Day was in the afternoon… which happens to clash with Chester’s birthday.. Before heading down for the birthday celebrations, we went to WWW. After which, we had a rather impromptu stayover. Like what Evie says, we started and ended there. Really meaningful in a way.

Ah, went out with Daddy today after sleeping for a few more hours. Only had 4 hours of sleep this morning. Headed down to Chinatown, got my buttons, my belt, my shades and most importantly, my sneakers! Hoho! White red and puma = LOVE! Finally completed the series of Bao Jia Wei Guo! Love love love the ending. May more nice shows come in my way when school starts! :(

Wild wild wet!

Jaspi’s cute lil’ cousin Cleaven..? And well, someone who’s trying quite hard to look young!

Group photos!

Rather comical photo series! Where you see a teacher, a naughty kid, and a teacher’s pet!

Yours truly can pass off as a comedian!

Enough of laming… the birthday celebration officially kicks off!

Jaspi’s brother Chester and lil cousin Cleaven..

Always caught in my most unglam moments..


NOT! Happy Birthday Chester!

Wanted to go KTV-ing but it was all fully booked! So off we went to White Sands… and walked into Xin Wang again..


The bestie and Jo!

After eating, we went walking.. and we found swings.. and… umm whatever you call this… Qiao Qiao Ban?

Light Evan, heavy Jo!

Photos from Sunday!
Guess who found a new hideout…

Hmm and my new sneakers! :D

Puma Liga series.. I got this at Chinatown.. the shop’s selling loads of shoes man.. and all so pretty, spoilt for choice!


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