Missy Donuts!

The best friend mms-ed me yesterday with a picture of donuts while I was on my way back to school to return the Flag Day cans… I promised her I will come collect mine after the recording today.. but it ended late, so I told her to forget about it and just eat what she wanted to give me :)

But… that girl saved it, came online and tempted me over to collect donuts before going out with my dad to NTUC for that extra 4.2% discount they were having. Sigh. So off I went alone after my dinner in the car… but I forgot to turn in and had to make one whole round for a u-turn.. and malu-ed myself because I turned too early and will hit the lamp post if I don’t reverse..

ANYWAY….. Let’s tempt you with more pics.. the best friend promised me Donut Factory ones on Fri.. hehe. I shall hold her to it. THANKS JING anyway! For the donuts and the bubble tea.. :) THANKS LOVE YA! :D

Some nice things come in a nice package…

Makes one wanna open it immediately…

Never be deceived by looks…

Because its only when you look beyond that, then you can find something even more beautiful within..


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